Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Girl Room

Over the long weekend Ryan and I worked hard on 2 seperate projects. He worked on the basement (post to come) and I worked on Norah's big girl room.  Norah turns 2 TOMORROW (where did time go??) and I wanted to be closer to completing her room for her. 

I had bought some large wooden butterflies at Dollarama for $2 months ago! I had originally planned on decorating them with pretty paper but when Norah asked to paint on Saturday I thought hmmm what better way to get her excited for her big girl room!!!  I painted the background of them a light and a dark purple then gave her some green and some purples and let her go to town! She had a blast!!!

Next project I worked on was taking some wooden letters that my mom had bought at a warehouse sale for about 50 cents each and adding colourful paper to them.  This took about 10 minutes to trace, cut and glue with Mod Podge. Hanging them was a different story altogether!!!  These lovely things had predrilled holes and a tack. The idea was 'simple' put the tack in the hole then put the letter on the wall using the tack.  Simple in theory yes but the stupid tacks were on an angle!! When I tried hammering the letter into the wall the tack bent everytime!!!  Don't ask how I ended up hanging them... just know I went through a LOT of tacks (which I then had to unbend) and there were a lot of curse words spoken! (luckily Norah was napping!)

Remember waaaay back when we used the church pew as an outdoor bench on our porch? (here) Well on the back of that pew there were shelves that would have kept the church hymnals.  When we put the pew outside we took those shelves off and stored them in the basement because I knew they would make fantastic book shelves!  Then last summer I primed them and painted them white, I believe I did a post on that but for the life of me I can't find it right now!  We hung 3 of them in what I like to call Norah's book/art nook!  There is one more to be hung below the lowest one in the picture but we ran out of wall plugs and since the right side doesn't hit a stud we haven't hung that one yet!  I also added a simple chalkboard next to the shelves.  I have a tonne of chalk cloth so I just cut the material and threw it into a random frame we had lying around.  To complete this corner I plan to paint the little desk white and add new knobs to it.  Plus there will be a picture being hung above it shortly.

My mom brought over the purple quilt she bought at an auction for Norah.  It looks fantastic with what I had done!!

 Here is my little helper!

 Now I just need to hang her mirror, a few other pictures, paint her desk and find a proper dresser for in there and the room will be done!!! Oh I also need to clean out my crap from the closet as it is currently overrun with my dresses!!