Friday, June 14, 2013

Floating in the Clouds

After making sooo much progress on the baby's nursery so quickly I kinda just shoved the room full of baby crap and closed the door... literally. It was (and still is) a storage room for all things baby!  But this week when Ryan decided to take Norah for a walk in the rain (its been soooo rainy here lately he decided to bite the bullet and just go outside in the pouring rain anyway) I got my crap together and pulled out the drill to FINALLY hang my cloud shelves!

Before I get to that I should explain how the cloud shelves were made.  I can't take much credit for them at all! When we moved into the house out in the shed were two random pieces of wood, one cut into a blob and the other one was supposed to be a smurf's (remember them) head. I only know it was supposed to be a smurf's head because it said 'SMURF' written across it. They were both painted brown and we were going to throw them out... but Ryan kept them for whatever reason. THEN when I decided to do a sky themed room Ryan pulled them out and the original plan was to just paint them white and hang them on the wall. Until I came up with the shelf idea.  Ultimately all we did was cut the 2 pieces in half and hang them on the wall using L brackets.  They look fantastic!!! SUPER simple since we didn't have to cut out the shape to begin with!

Now as for where I wanted to hang the shelves... I am lazy... and I didn't want to have to finally fill in the holes from where the old owners had shelves hanging... so I used their holes for one of the shelves right by the doorway! This was the 'smurf' shelf! I still need to do some touch ups on it but it looks amazing!

The other shelf I hung above the change table so I can keep creams etc up there out of babies reach.  I also hung a canvas that my friend bought for baby that suites the room perfectly!!  I actually already had screws in the wall to hang the canvas which was perfect. Now I just need to paint more clouds on that wall.

Finally I got around to hanging the rain cloud mobile I made awhile ago.  I opted to hang it above the change table so baby can look at it while I'm changing her.  (Please ignore the mess... the room as I said earlier is still a disaster!!)

So that is it for now! I just need to paint a few more clouds and Ryan needs to finish spackling the crown moulding. I also want to add a valance to the window eventually. Then its cleaning and organizing the room because it is 100% a disaster zone!!!