Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quirky Door/Wall

I have been meaning to post this for awhile now! I don't remember if I have ever mentioned our bedroom door before. Picture Mr. Ed in his horse stall.... that's our bedroom door. Yep its cut in half. We figure the old owners did this because they had a window air conditioner in the bedroom and wanted it to circulate but they also had dogs so they wanted to keep them out. Its honestly the only explanation we could come up with!!!

Now you might be wondering why we have never changed it... well that's a VERY good question and I don't really have an answer to that. Maybe its because we love the quirkiness of it. Or maybe its because when I'm mad at Ryan I can leave the top half closed at night and he'll walk right into it without knowing... haahaa joking!! Who knows why we haven't changed it. We'll MAYBE get around to changing it soon but who knows!!

To top off the weirdness... the old owners instead of putting in door stops decided to just cut out a hole in the wall the PERFECT size of the door knob.... They did this in most of the rooms too but we have fixed all the other rooms... only this one hole in the bedroom remains! I have no idea what they were thinking!!

But on a less weird note. Look at the new curtains I made for the kitchen!!! I know its a dark picture but I love them! They look GREAT!!! Plus my sister in law a little while back brought over gerbera daisies!! I LOVE THEM!!! So bright and cheerful!!!

And with that I'm off to paint the back stairway!! Stay tuned for that update soon!

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