Sunday, October 16, 2011


WE SOLD OUR CURRENT HOUSE AND BOUGHT AN AMAZING AWESOME HOUSE in a matter of 4 days!! Its been a busy week!!!!  So here we go I'm going to recap the past month for us.

We found what we thought was THE PERFECT house about a month ago while on our way back from baseball.  It was pouring rain and we randomly decided to pop into an open house. We LOVED the house. So much that we put in an offer.... well apparently 5 others thought the same thing and we didn't get the house. Now we had originally planned on listing our house in the spring. Our reasoning is that now that Norah is crawling we need more space for her. As well Ryan needs his own space for an office... not one that is connected to where Norah plays and we watch tv.

After not getting the first house we kept an eye on the market but weren't actively searching for a house and still weren't planning on selling our house until the spring. BUT then we saw a super awesome house in Mississauga that "WAS THE HOUSE" so we yet again put in an offer... along with 7 others.... yep apparently the houses we like are the same ones everyone else loves... Needless to say we didn't get that house either. It just wasn't meant to be.

At this point we realized there was huge demand for houses and not much supply... well we just happened to have a lovely house and decided to play Russian Roulette and list our WOn Tuesday at around 10am the house was up on the market.  Instantly we had 5 showings for Tuesday and another 7 for Wednesday... but before the end of the day Wednesday we already had an offer. Yep thats right... after only 36 hours on the market we had an offer. Wednesday night they came to present it but not before someone else decided to put in an offer. TWO OFFERS!! WOW! We ended up getting 99.2% of our asking price and couldn't be happier!!! 

Now it was time to find a house.  We had popped by an openhouse a few days before and fell in love with this one house but it was out of our price range. We felt it was overpriced so just waited to see if it would drop in price. After thinking about it for 2 weeks we finally decided to go back and see it again yesterday morning.  We fell more in love with it.  We figured it wouldn't hurt to put in a lower offer and see what happens... worst case they would say no. 

AND of course we were up against another couple who also wanted the house. After an hour and a half of going back and forth with offers Ryan and I were ready to admit defeat... We figured the other couple would outbid us and we wouldn't be able to put anymore in... I put Norah to bed and shed a tear for the house because I was convinced it wouldn't be ours.

WELL... about 15 minutes later we got a call from our realtor and WE GOT IT!!!!  In the end both of our final offers were the same and the only reason we got the house over the other couple was because the couple selling the house loved our realtor!! I still can't believe it came down to that!!!  The couple selling the house actually called us to let us know it was ours because they were so happy for us!!! It was really cute!!!  I am still in shock!! This house is gorgeous!!!!  They have done sooo much work to it and it really shows!!!

So in 2 months we will be moving into our next (and last) house!  Onto the stats of the new house:
  • 4 bedrooms (3 bedrooms and on will be Ryans office)
  • 1.5 bathrooms (one has heated flooring!!!)
  • HUGE living room
  • seperate dining room
  • Gorgeous kitchen with fabulous appliances open concept into dining room
  • HUGE deck with an even bigger backyard
It honestly doesn't need a lot of work... eventually we plan to finish the basement and we also want to build a garage with a mudroom so we would enter through the side entrance but that is down the road. Also when we do that we'd build a master bedroom and ensuite over the garage. BUT for now its in move in condition and we don't need to do ANYTHING for now! 

SO onto some pictures!  I don't want to show pictures of the inside of their house just yet as they have their stuff in it and I don't have their permission to post the photos. BUT I can show you the outside of the house and the yard!!!

This is our new house (sorry its the best I have)
 This is the backyard

 Stay tuned for more pictures once we take possession of the house!!!

BUT here are the pictures of our 'staged' (less cluttered) house... I don't have pictures of every room but I have a few.

Anyway wish us luck!!!

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