Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Fun Artwork

We have been absent lately... that doesn't mean we haven't been busy working on MANY projects... just busy having fun as a family!!!  I have a bunch of updates I just need to find the time to write about them!!

Norah LOVES to paint!! When I pick her up from daycare in the evenings the first thing she says when she gets home (other than Daddy Daddy) is paint??  She LOVES it... however she also HATES getting dirty... my little princess!  When painting she must use a brush so she doesn't get paint on her hands and when she does get paint on her hands she freaks out until I wipe it off.  I decided we needed some art work in the upstairs hallway.  I had previously hung a few of Norah's paintings but it was sparse and I had a plan in mind for the hallway. SO stealing an idea from Pinterest I taped off the word LOVE onto a canvas and let Norah have fun painting!!  

I let her chose the colours. She was hilarious!  She kept wanting MORE paint.  When she painted with the brush she would make the noise 'swosh swosh' and when she painted with the sponge she would dab it and say 'blob paint blob paint' so funny!! 

After letting it dry I peeled off the tape and this was the pretty result!!

I opted to hang it at the top of the stairs, I need to add something else to the wall but for now this is what it looks like.  I definitely need to centre it a bit more... the light switch (which is NOT centered) throws it all off... Oh well you get the gist!

For my birthday my brothers and sister in laws took some gorgeous family photos for us!!  Lets just say we like to have fun!!!  Yes we hula hooped!!!  I knew I wanted to frame the photos and decided the upstairs hallway was the perfect spot for them.  Here are two of my favourite photos!

I have seen people make their own photo canvas on Pinterest and I decided I would try the same thing. Instead of one photo on a big canvas I wanted to do a collage type canvas.  We had this one canvas that I had previously painted... I put lace over the canvas and spray painted it. I loved the result just not the colour... too bright blue and green.. not what I was going for. So I decided it would be a good canvas to cover up!  I pulled out the Mod Podge and Norah helped to cover the canvas. She didn't like getting her hands sticky... this photo is captioned "Mama stick, wash ... PEEEEEESE!"

I used eight 4 by 6 photos that I loved from our photo shoot and Mod Podged them onto the canvas, let it dry and then did a few coats of Mod Podge overtop.  I am SO happy with the result!!!  They were hung on the one wall in the hallway upstairs along with some older Norah paintings that she did when she was super little with her fingers!

This is where they currently hang, I plan on adding Norah's future art work to this wall!! 

Then on the other wall I used some frames my brothers and sister in laws gave me for my birthday to hang the rest of the family photos!

This is a work in progress that will probably never end... I will add photos here when I get some more or switch up older photos.  I just love that my upstairs hall is fille with love and amazing memories!!

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