Friday, March 1, 2013

Basement Progress

This is a lovely little story about a sad depressed hurting basement.  Unfortunately I can't find any before pictures of our basement... so let me paint a picture.  Our 'finished' basement when we moved in consisted of a brown builder grade carpet that was so dirty and painted on etc if you wore white socks on it they would instantly turn black.  The walls are cinder blocks that they have stucco'd with a popcorn like texture.  And the ceiling... oh my favourite part... was plaster and lathe... but not just any plaster and lathe... it had a concrete compound built into it which meant over time it had gotten heavy and started to crack and actually fall down!  Just to add to it.. when they installed cable into the house they decided it would be smart to put a hole the size of my body in the ceiling! Yep our basement had seen better days!

Fast forward a year, Ryan, Norah and I went on vacation and came home to find that my super awesome parents and our super amazing friend had the ceiling torn down and replaced with super pretty drywall as well as pot lights installed!!!!!  SO without further ado here is what our basement currently looks like!!

The rec room of the basement is directly below our living room so it has the same bay window shape as upstairs.  Our plan is to actually build a curved couch into this space for the basement so that we can maximize on the space. The couch will be a storage couch too for storing extra pillows/blankets etc.

The built in bookshelf will be painted white and I want to install doors on it to hide Norah toys in the future

This little corner will be where the TV zone will be eventually!

Now that we have a new ceiling here is the master list of what my plans are for down there eventually!!
* New laminate flooring - we may actually go shopping this weekend for this!!
* Paint Ceiling
* Put quarter round on the edge where the new ceiling doesn't exactly meet the wall
* We can't do much about the non installation issue or the stucco'd cinder block so we just plan to paint the walls and repair any of the spots that look bad.
* Build a built in shelf similar to the current one on the other side of the bay window to keep it symmetrical
* Declutter!! Part of that happens this weekend as the current loveseat and the 2 chairs will be done soon! 

This area will eventually be the kids play zone so I can reclaim my living room for myself!! Eventually... not just yet.

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