Saturday, February 20, 2010

And It Begins!!

Ryan and I bought our house two years ago and in that time we have gutted, ripped down, scrubbed, cleaned, painted and fixed just about every inch of the house. BUT its still not done yet! We are DIY people who look at a big project and say hey why not save some money and do it ourselves. Those are always our famous last words... haahaa. Ryan and I realized we should have started this blog a LONG time ago so for the first little bit it will probably be full of projects from the past. But believe me there is lots to come. So in the next couple of weeks expect to see lots of projects from the past. And of course there will also be projects from the future. The purpose of this blog is to let you know all of the FUN home projects we have been up to and/or have already completed.

Currently we are working on 2 projects. The first is a smaller project making a Radiator Box for the bathroom upstairs. The second is a larger project of putting a second bathroom in the house in the basement. Wish us good luck!!!

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