Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom is going to be one of those projects that goes on forever... Where to even begin when describing the bathroom... well... the bathroom walls are wood panelling.... which some super smart person decided to wallpaper over the wood panelling walls. Now I'm not sure if you've ever tried to get wallpaper off a normal wall... try getting it off wood panelling. Its actually an impossible job since the glue fuses itself into the wood. To make matters worse the wallpaper looked like it was from a grandma's 1950's house. PLUS (oh yes it can get worse) it was slightly peeling and ripped. SO we instantly knew we needed to eventually gut the bathroom. BUT being the only bathroom in the house at the moment that is not exactly possible while still living in the house. We did a quick fix of the bathroom for the time being until the basement bathroom is put in.
Bathroom Before: behind the radiator is peeling wallpaper and woodpanelling...

Bathroom After:

What was done:
1) New flooring was a must. Since we plan on completely renovating the bathroom in the hopefully near future we just put stick down tiles in here to follow with what we did in the hallway and kitchen.
2) The ugliest part of the bathroom was the wallpaper, so we did the unthinkable and painted the crappy wallpaper. It was literally our only option at the time without having to tear down the walls. My other idea that I may still do is to get the paintable textured wallpaper and install it to hide the woodpaneling lines. But wallpaper in a bathroom is not the best idea... the moisture from the shower tends to peel wallpaper off. Mind you thats if it is on drywall.... nothing gets it off wood panelling!!!
3) We built a radiator box. See next post for details on the radiator box as its a story in itself!!!

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