Wednesday, December 22, 2010


WE HAVE TILING PROGRESS!! Can you tell I'm excited!!! WAY back in March this was what our bathroom looked like. Basically it was a big muddy hole...
Now by no means are we done yet, BUT we're getting closer and it actually looks like something!!! Ryan's brother Calvin has been staying with us and working on the tiling for us and it looks FABULOUS!!! He's doing such a great job! I love coming home from work to see the progress, its just so fascinating! Yesterday the shower was being worked on.

This is inside the shower, the back wall and the right side are mostly done. One the right there will be a built in shelf that still needs to be tiled. The left side and front also need to be tiled still, but that's today's task!

Here is the shower! There was a little bit of an oops with the shower floor BUT I DON'T CARE its a shower!!! The floor is supposed to slope towards the drain and we got a little bit too much slope when doing the dry pack.... but no big deal! I'm totally fine with it!

Here is Ryan standing in the shower last night, he is so excited about the progress!!! He is like a little boy with his candy!

There are a lot of edges etc left to tile plus we have a white tile that is going to go above the cream tile in the toilet and sink area of the bathroom. Those will take awhile because there are lots of cuts to make. But its coming along fabulously!!!! Its slowly starting to actually look like a bathroom, I can't wait to use that heated flooring!!!!! The new timeline (since we were delayed in December because we were just so busy we didn't have time to work on it) is to have it completely finished hopefully over the holidays since Ryan and I are both off work! SO here's hoping that come the new year we will have a new finished bathroom!!!! Once the tiling is done there is the grouting to do, we also have to finish the taping of the drywall. Then we will paint the wall above the tiles and the ceiling, install the fixtures and add accessories and it will be complete!!!!

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