Sunday, December 12, 2010


On Saturday my parents came over to help us out with a few house projects. Ryan and my dad worked on the heated flooring in the basement bathroom while my mom and I worked on the dreaded radiator box. Now the radiator box was built we just needed to drill a million holes in the extra piece of board we had left over from the first radiator box we had made. (If you don't remember that fiasco check it out here)

Now I will spare you all the details, my mom and I stood outside in the cold (luckily it wasn't too cold) for a good hour drilling holes in the board! BUT in the end it looks great and we didn't have to spend anymore money.

Here it is almost done. Ignore the one big hole in it. Ryan's original plan was to drill less larger holes. But I was afraid our keys and other items would end up being pushed through the large holes and since the box is secured to the wall they would be lost forever. SO I still have to cover that one hole up... but that's a small fix.

Here is the finish radiator box! I love the randomness of the holes!

And with that finished the nursery is now complete!!! Here is my favourite part of the entire room!!! To see how this was made go here and here. And for the tree shelves you can go here.

Look we finally put an owl in the tree. My sister in law made this little owl for our baby shower, in fact there are another 4 of these throughout the room. To secure it we just put a nail in the wall and since the owl is made out of styrofoam the nail is right in its butt... sorry little owl!

Here is the crib with the quilt that was the inspiration for the room.
The crib skirt that I made (this is an old picture). You can see how I made that here.

And this is the quilt that my Oma made for us. Its all hand stitched! I LOVE IT!!!

This is the other side of the room. With the dresser, change table and shelf. You can see all the details that went into these here, here, here, here and here.

Can you see the monkey hanging in the corner from the shelf? I put a super cute strawberry fairy outfit on her, I can't wait until the blueberry is big enough to fit into it! haahaa I'm going to be a funny mom who tortures her daughter in funny outfits!!! haahaa

And the change table, with her shoes for the first month or so.... yes she has a lot of shoes. The boxes under the change table are full of more clothes and shoes and blankets as I ran out of storage space!!!

Its all ready to go, now just 9 weeks (or sooner) until our daughter can enjoy this room as well! I am SO happy with how this room turned out.

Now I haven't been keeping track of costs but I can estimate it.

* Change table - already owned, gave it a coat of paint (already had on hand)

* Dresser - already owned

* Crib - gift from my parents

* Wall Paint and primer (CIL paint) - $40

* Tree Paint (CIL paint, small can) - $15

* Material for Wall Decals (leaves, animals) $10

* Rocking Chair - $30

* Material and foam to recover rocking chair - $20

* Shelf - $10

* Decorative Shelf Stands - Free from my brother and sister in law

* Curtain - $20

* Boxes on shelves and under dresser - $45

* Crib Skirt material - $10

For a grand total of $200!! Not too bad at all!!! Thank you to my parents for the crib and to everyone who helped out with the room! Its very appreciated!!! Now we just wait to see what the blueberry thinks of her super awesome room!!

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