Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nature's Nursery

Surprise!! The secret is out... Ryan and I are expecting our first child! We are VERY excited for the little blueberry to arrive... waiting (or patience) isn't one of our better qualities... haahaa!! Remember awhile back when my mom came over to repaint what used to be our walk in closet and I stated that it was to be my new craft room (if you don't remember you can go here)... well I lied. It is actually being transformed into the nursery. This way we don't compromise our spare room and the little 3rd bedroom is perfect for a nursery!!! I have actually managed to find away to get the crib, a glider chair, a dresser AND the change table in there. Speaking of the change table, remember when I repainted my makeup table and lined the drawers with fun paper (here) well that lovely makeup table is to be the new change table!

The plan with this lovely piece is to pick up a change pad that has the snaps on it so I can snap it to the back of this dresser. It will work perfectly. Its what my mom used as a change table with my 2 brothers and I. Plus it has lots of drawers to keep diapers and such!

Well the general theme of the nursery is going to be animals and nature. I had decided that I wanted to have a large tree in the corner of the room where the glider chair was going to go so that the little blueberry would have something fun to stare at. As I always do before any project, I googled 'tree mural' images and found this lovely tutorial. And they had the perfect tree outline!!!

Basically you are supposed to get a projector and project this image onto the wall and trace it. WELL I didn't have access to a projector and I THOUGHT I couldn't draw. BUT on a Monday after work... after I'd already bought the paint for it I got very excited. I pulled out my trusty HB2 pencil, pulled up the tree outline image, put my laptop right next to me and went for it. I have to say I was VERY SURPRISED with myself!!! I can't even draw a stick person well but for some reason I was able to duplicate this tree!!! It only took about 20 minutes to lightly draw it on the wall.

Being so excited about it, I believe it was the very next day that I decided to paint the tree. I bought the same CIL satin finish paint as the walls just in a brown (I don't even remember the colour because I was so excited I didn't keep the paint chip...). I pulled out a half inch paint brush and went to work.

In the end this is what was left! I was rather surprised with myself and my ability to draw/paint!! Mind you I had to keep reminding myself that trees aren't perfect! It was quite easy and super fun to do!!!

NOW you may be thinking it looks a little bit like a scary tree... believe me when I was done I was like AHHHHH the baby is going to be scared to be in this room. BUT I knew that wouldn't be that way for long.

This is the plan for the tree.

#1 - We plan on continuing the advice from the tree mural tutorial and making fabric (not wallpaper as the tutorial suggests) leaf wall decals (to see how I made my wall decals go here) Which will transform the tree into something like this.

Once we know the sex of the blueberry we will be making leaves for the tree in a variety of colours. Ie. if its a boy there will be lots of greens and blue leaves (we aren't going for colour accuracy here) and if its a girl we plan on making green and pink and purple leaves and possibly some blossoms as well. Mind you Ryan wants to go to Fabricland today to find material for the leaves... SO this may change....

We also plan on making animal silhouette wall decals all around the room. There will be a monkey (or 2) in the tree or possibly hanging over the crib. Definitely a giraffe... I may possibly put it in the corner by the door and transform the giraffe into a height chart. Some elephants. All of this is to tie in with our lovely quilt that we bought at an auction which will be hanging on the wall above the crib (securely fastened). I will show those pictures later

#2 That owl hole. Ryan has a project to do... he is going to make some type of a curved shelf to go in the corner under the owl hole. Then my friend Katelyn is going to crochet us an Amigurumi owl to go in the owl hole. Here is one she crocheted for her mom. You can check out her blog here.

#3 - SHELVES!! I found this fantastic picture here that I LOVE! So I have recruited my dad to make us 2 shelves that will look like the tree branches and we can put books and toys etc.

That is the plan so far!! At the moment we have the room painted and the tree painted and that's it. LOTS of projects in the future. Now you know why I've been a little lacking with blog posts... #1 anything I have done I wasn't about to reveal just yet and #2 I haven't really felt up to any projects lately, I would rather lie on the couch and watch TV. :-) BUT that will soon change!!!!


  1. Congrats you two!
    I love the shelves on the tree - That is an awesome idea!

  2. I landed here looking for decorating inspiration and I like the tree idea.

    Funny thing is that I'm considering owls, too!

    Here are a couple of nurseries that I had in my bookmarks.

    One has a tree similar to what you're planning and a matching border that is too cute. I also noticed that it placed in the baby nursery contest that I'm planning to enter to cover some of my expenses!

  3. Thanks for the links! The one with the owl border is adorable!!!