Friday, June 18, 2010

A little of this and a little of that!

This week has been full of a little of this and a little of that... My parents (Oh how I love them) came over on Monday to dig out the hole in the basement so we could get our plumber out. My dad spent time uncovering the drain pipe in the basement. NOW nothing in our house comes easy... SO of course as he was digging a rank smell escaped from the deep depths below and I (while at work) got a phone call saying "You may have sewage leakage down below" Never the phone call you REALLY want to hear! SO I was at work all panicking because the last thing you want is to come home after a long day of work to the smell of poop! Anyway, it wasn't as bad as my dad and Ryan made it seem. By the time I got home from work I couldn't smell it at all and it may just be old stale water that has been stuck down there forever. Regardless we have to get the plumber in to fix up our plumbing so we can get a start on our basement bathroom. Now the only thing holding us back is that the plumber hasn't returned our phone calls.. argh. I meant to take pictures of the uncovered pipe and forgot... frankly it isn't very exciting... there is a hole... some dirt... a pipe.... get the picture??

While my dad was uncovering the pipe my mom took it upon herself to paint my arts and crafts room (formerly the walk in closet... converted because I have too many projects on the go and no where to put my stuff). We originally painted the room with Behr's Celery paint (I believe.. don't really remember). It was a free can of paint that we had been given so we decided it was the perfect colour for a walk in closet. Mind you I never really liked the colour... it was dark and reminded me of pea soup. Here is a before picture of the colour. OR if you want to see what the room used to look like before renos go here. As you can see from the pictures we had never finished the window trim or put quarter round up after putting up new walls so there would be no gap between the walls and the ceiling.

We had bought the quarter round AND the baseboards AND the trim 2 years ago... but never bothered installing it because when it was a walk in closet you couldn't see anything in there anyway!! (aka laziness...) Now laziness isn't really a word that could be used to describe Ryan and I... but this room was basically put on the back burner and forgotten about as we got to more important tasks. Anyway, this week the quarter round was installed, Ryan spaalooched (Ryans word for caulking), baseboards were installed AND my wonderful mom painted the room (so she could keep my dad company while he dug in the basement... how cute!)! FANTASTIC!!!! Here are a few pictures of the NEW and improved and brighter colour of the room! We used CIL's Light Lime paint.

Isn't it brighter and cheerier!!! I LOVE IT!!! The room is still a disaster and we will be making some sense out of it this week I just wanted to show the lovely colour!!! I will be doing a "How to put up quarter round" posting soon once I find batteries for my camera so I can take the pictures I have off the camera! The batteries died on me!!!
We have a few more things to finish off this room..
1) We need to finish the flooring in the room... can you see the small sliver in the last picture where there is no flooring... its just cement.... oops... I guess I missed that section...
2) The door is getting a new door knob and new hinges because whoever originally painted this room (I don't think it was me!!) decided to paint the hinges AND the door knob... so we have a gross green door knob!
3) We need to make a radiator cover for the grossly yellow rad. Yeah more radiator covers... we all know the first rad cover went by easily... HAAHAAA... you can check that out here. Ryan wants to attempt to spray paint the radiator by putting a plastic bag over it and spraying into the bag. I'm very sceptical about this.... I think it will be a rad cover project in the end.
4) Shelves!!!! Now when we converted the room into a walk in closet we had to hang a clothes bar. We took 2 pieces of wood and not only screwed them into the wall but to make sure the clothes wouldn't tear down the wall with their weight we also used construction glue. Now at the time this was a fantastic idea!!! BUT we realize now it was slightly stupid as those pieces of wood are more or less stuck on the wall! SO to hide the pieces of wood (you can see them in the pictures above) we are going to make shelves.
And that's the plan for my arts and crafts room!!! This weekend I am VERY excited because my baby brother and his wife take possession of their house! Which means.. MORE PROJECTS!!!!! I'm sure I will have a lot of things to show you this weekend!!!

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