Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Wallpapering and Hallway Heaven!

This morning I woke up and did NOT want to deal with the wallpaper... SO I did what anyone would do on a Sunday morning... I went back to bed! Best decision ever!! PLUS Ryan had gone grocery shopping so I was able to go back to bed without being disturbed.

Then when I woke up I felt more relaxed and rested. It was time to tackle the wallpaper. Now I have to admit I have NEVER hung wallpaper before!! I have only ever peeled it off walls. So this was a new experience for me!! Now cutting the first piece was the easiest. I just measured the space and then using a ruler and Exacto knife I cut my piece. It worked perfectly!! The second piece however took me about 3 cuts to get it right. Now it would have probably been smart to start off with NON PATTERNED wallpaper for my first try... BUT alas I didn't think it would be an issue. Cutting my second piece proved difficult because not only did I have to match up the pattern on the one side BUT it was a funny piece that had to go around the cabinet so it had too many edges. BUT eventually I did it! Then it was smooth sailing after that because the rest of the pieces were the same size so I cut them all (making sure I had the pattern matching along the way). And tah dah!! My wallpapered walls!!!

Now remember my cabinet doors will be painted white soon enough! Its going to look FABULOUS!!!!! I'm sooo excited about it!! Oh just a note, to smooth the wallpaper on the walls so there were now creases and it was stuck to the walls I used a rolling pin. There is a devise you can buy specifically for wallpapering... but I found the rolling pin worked just fine!! Just to remind you here is the before the wallpaper...

And here is the after! Its such a simple thing but it adds some zing to the room!! I love it!!

Here it is with the new rug!

Now in this picture you might notice we have our table in the hallway!!! YEAH!!! We visited my parents last night and picked up the table that my dad made for us. Doesn't it look fabulous!!!!!

And just a close up, here is our hallway table! It is so completely perfect!! I looks fantastic and I'm so excited about it!!!!!!

The rest of the kitchen won't be tackled until August. But I have a few other projects on the go at the moment! The fun never ends!!!!!

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