Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ok so it may be too early on a Saturday morning for creating titles for blog posts.... BUT when you are married to Ryan everyone is up at 7:30am no matter what!!!

Yesterday on my lunch hour I took a trip over to Home Sense (my favourite store) to just walk around. I had no intentions of buying anything I just wanted to get out of the office. $40 later I walked out of Home Sense with a big grin and so VERY excited about my finds!!!!!

To start off I found these awesome mugs in the clearance section! They are HUGE!! I love them PLUS they are very similar in colour to the walls in the kitchen. AND they were only $3.30 marked down from $4.99!! NICE!!!

While perusing the clearance section I found matching platters for $3.30 too!!! SO I got 2 of them! The plan is to have them on the kitchen counters to put fruit etc on so as to tie the 2 ends of the kitchen together!

Next came the place mats!! I found these place mats and loved the different shades of blue! They weren't on sale BUT they were only $14 total for 4 place mats. Which isn't too shabby... yes I did just say shabby!!

And then came the most exciting find of the day!! As you know I've been looking for a rug for the kitchen preferably in blue, yellow and white. WELL I came across this blue and white rug and looked at it for awhile and went YES!!!!! I have some left over yellow ribbon from another project so I plan on adding a thin line of yellow around the edges of this rug (because the trim on this rug is material it is easy to do). The best part of all... do you see that red tag on the top of the picture?? Yes it was on clearance for wait... $10!!!!!! Yes it was marked down from $45 to $10!!!! YEAH!!!!!

This is what it will look like in my kitchen!

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