Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is the first edition of LOOK WHAT DAD MADE!!! First I would like to introduce you to my dad and my mom! Aren't they super cute!!!! Yes my dad is hanging in a tree!!
And just to be politically correct I thought I would add another picture because my dad no longer has a mustache.. after having it for longer than my mom has known him (she had never seen him without a mustache until last November when he shaved it off for Movember to raise money for prostate cancer.)

My dad is recently retired and with his spare time has taken on a bunch of woodworking projects. He started by building drawers for the pantry up at the cottage as well as a gorgeous wood box that holds the wood for the stove up there AND the DVD player (nice and hidden!!). On top of that he has transformed their garage into his own personal workshop! Mom is happy he is keeping himself busy with this (and of course golfing a few times a week) and as long as she can fit her car into the garage in the winter she is fine with his workshop!

Anyway, to get to the point. Ryan and I have been looking...wait I should rephrase that... I have been looking for the perfect table/plant stand for the little nook in our hallway. As you can see below we have a weird corner in our hallway that bugs me. We previously had a breakfast cart there but it was too big and cluttered up the hallway so we sold it. BUT its been a bare hallway for sometime now (we do have pictures hanging that aren't in this picture) But that corner bugs me. OH and to mention if you think the floors and walls look a little not straight, don't adjust your screen they aren't!!! The floor slopes to the back of the house in the hallway and the walls are a little bit wonky... that's what you get when you buy an old house!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my mom what I was looking for and they had EXACTLY what I was looking for up at the cottage in one of the rooms.. the only problem.. it was 2 inches too long and about 2 inches wider than I wanted. The width of that nook is only 9 inches... so finding a table to work in there is HARD as most tables at the very least are 11 inches. Then my mom looked at my dad and said "Why don't you build them something?" SO my mathematical dad made a plan in his head in about 5 minutes and got all excited!! I honestly didn't expect him to get on it so quickly as I knew he was going to be working on my brother and sister-in-laws coffee table. When he went to buy the wood last week he had to order the wood for my brother and sisters coffee table but since ours was being made of pine he just picked it up. Then he had time early this week to start our table. I didn't expect him to finish it in one day!!!! SUPER DAD!!!! He sent me an email Monday evening with photos of the finished product and his process. My mom took the photos of him working in his shop! SO here is the progress on our table!!!

Isn't it awesome??? Then Monday night he wanted to know what colour stain we wanted it to be. We decided to have it tie in with our french doors as we loved the stain colour. SO he went with a Minwax stain colour Red Chestnut.

Tuesday he stained our table and it looks like this!!! Isn't it fantastic!!!

We're so excited to put it in our hallway! We will be visiting my parents this Saturday and will probably get to take the table home! The only thing left to do is my dad is adding a few coats of varathane to seal it. When we have pictures of it in the hallway I will post them!!
I will make sure to keep adding more editions of LOOK WHAT DAD MADE as more of his projects are created! Next up is a coffee table and of course he will be helping me out with the kitchen cabinet doors this summer!!

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