Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh How I Love Thee Powerwasher!

This weekend my baby brother and his wife took posession of their first house. We headed over there on Saturday to help do some tearing down of the basement and some other odds and ends. Lets start by introducing my brother and his wife.

This is their super cute house! Isn't it adorable!!!!

Now the house doesn't need a lot of work, just some paint and the basement has a leak so they have to fix that. While Ryan, my dad and brothers worked on demoing the basement I took on the task of powerwashing the back deck. Now I never understood why people would paint a deck... you stain a deck.. you don't paint it!!! This deck I quickly discovered had not only been painted once.. but twice... Pictures will explain better. This is what I had to work with before I started.
In need of a little tlc! I figured the powerwasher would take of the lime green paint to reveal the little bits of the brown paint. I was VERY wrong!!!! As I started to powerwash the deck it was quickly discovered that the brown paint was the 2nd layer of paint and out came the bright green which the power washer would NOT get off! Can you see which section has been power washed??
Mind you it still looks MUCH better!!! I managed to get the brown paint off and a good chunk of the green paint. So now the deck looks like this.

Still not fabulous... next the plan is to sand the rest of the paint off with an electic sander and then stain the deck. Since it took me about 3 hours to powerwash the deck that was it for the day. But hopefully I can get back soon to help them finish off their deck. I did however steal the powerwasher so I have my own little powerwashing project that I will hopefully get done this week!!

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  1. haha thanks for the help Meghan!!!! I'm so happy to have the deck more on it's way to being nice haha