Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I haven't had time this week to work on any projects (even though I have a million on the go!!!) because this weekend coming up is my grandma's 90th birthday!!!!! How awesome is that?? We are throwing her a Mad Hatters Tea Party to celebrate! So lets first start by introducing my super awesome and always cute Grandma aka Jean.

I would like to point out that this is my grandma two years ago (at 88 years old) doing the Twist at our wedding!!! HOW AWESOME IS SHE??

For her birthday party we (my mom and I) decided to go with a tea party theme because ever since I was a kid I always had tea with grandma. I even had my own special little tea cup way back when... I'm sure its still around somewhere. Anyway, the whole theme revolves around an Alice in Wonderlands mad hatter's tea party. SO all guests have been asked to wear hats and there will be a prize for the best hat. As well we have kept the decorations bright and fun!! I even managed to pick up some pink flamingo's at Dollarama for $1.50 each!!! We have bright fun napkins and flowery colourful centerpieces and a silver tea urn. Its going to be a fantastic birthday for her!!!

The invites my friend Katelyn at Red Squirrel Studios designed for us and they are fantastic!!!

I haven't had much time this week because I've been preparing party favours and getting out supplies and getting everything ready for the party. Tonight my job is to bake cookies that will say "Eat Me" on them (just like in Alice in Wonderland). I also have to make signs that say "Drink Me" that I can put on the tea urn as well as the Iced tea container. The party favours are cute! I printed off the pictures above of my grandma and put a poem on them that read "A cup of tea to say thank you, for everything you've done, and wishes that today will bring you happiness and fun" I attached the picture and the poem to an individually package tea bag. They look so cute!!

I will try to take pictures of the party to share next week!! It will be a blast!! My grandma is going to love it!!! Currently she is all stressed out because she thinks I have a big surprise... but there is no surprise! She knows all about the party and is going to have fun with all of her friends!!! Did I mention there are about 50 people coming!!! At 90 years old she can still manage to have a party with 50 people!!! WAY TO GO GRANDMA!!! I hope that at 90 I'm as fantastic as my grandma!!!

Next week I will hopefully be back to renovating everything in sight!!!! I still have the following projects on the go:

* New light for the kitchen... its done I just have to figure out how to hang the homemade lamp shade.... haven't found the perfect thing just yet... mind you I haven't really been looking either!

* Curtains for the kitchen

* Barbers chair makeover

* Basement Bathroom Plumbing (oh yes it is happening!!! Are you as excited as I am??)

* A few other secret projects that you will just have to wait to find out what they are!!!

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