Thursday, July 1, 2010

Snazzy Whiteboards

Ok so I MAY have been a little busy lately and haven't had a chance to upload my grandma's party photos... BUT she had a blast and so did everyone else so take my word for it!!! I will try to upload photos this weekend. I also have been seriously slacking in the projects department... just not enough time in a day I tell you!!! BUT that will be changing soon!

Anyway, since today is Canada Day and I'm stuck in the office and it is pretty darn empty I thought I would post this awesome DIY that I found this morning while procrastinating! SHHHHHH!!! haahaa!!!

I love whiteboards... I always have.. BUT they are pretty ugly hanging on a wall. I came across this idea while perusing the web and LOVE IT!!! Its a great way to camouflage a whiteboard in the office!! Which we have... we have a big ugly whiteboard in the office with Ryan's illegible handwriting all over it, which is fine.. but the office has french doors to the living room and is also the spare bedroom. Not attractive!! Now enough of my blabbering.... this is the idea! I found this over at Get Your Craft On. Isn't it super cute! She made it herself!!!


I have also found a tutorial over at Paper n Stitch which can be viewed here.

Basically you take any picture frame, put your favourite material or paper in the frame and transform the glass into your whiteboard! SO it looks fantastic on the walls even if there is writing all over it!!!

Another idea I have found over at Young House Love is to transform a mirror into a message board. You can find it here.


Aren't these both great ideas!!! NOW I just have to find some good fun frames!!! Actually this weekend I'm sure I'm going to have some GREAT FAB FINDS to tell you about. This weekend is the start of the weekly shed sale up at the cottage. A church in the area holds it every summer and you can get some fantastic things there for CHEAP!!!! Ryan even got a pair of winter galoshes (the rubber things that go over your dress shoes in the winter) for a whopping 25 cents!!! I'm VERY excited for Saturday morning to roll around!!!

Have a great long weekend (if you do in fact get it as a long weekend and don't have to work tomorrow!).

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  1. Love this whiteboard idea Meghan! I'm so stealing this for my own place. The frames in the pictures from Paper & Stitch are from Ikea. $5 to $10 at the max. Also there was an awesome whiteboard/corkboard in a large really fancy frame over at HomeSense a few months ago, but I can't seem to find them now. Thanks for the great idea!