Monday, July 5, 2010

Fabulous Weekend and Fabulous Finds!

This weekend since I had the Friday off Ryan and I headed to the cottage for a nice relaxing weekend! Which is exactly what we had! We didn't do a whole lot.... I got to read the majority of my super huge book which was great for me because at home I barely ever get to read anymore! Ryan worked with my dad to repair part of the deck up at the cottage that had started to rot out. Since I was reading my book I couldn't be bothered to get up and take pictures of their work... sorry it was a lazy weekend!!

BUT on Saturday mornings during the summer there is a shed sale that goes on and is run by a bunch of old ladies over at the nearby church. Now Saturday was the first sale of the summer so we all got up super early and headed off to be there for when it opened! I'm REALLY happy that we did!! We ended up picking up a fantastic cedar chest for $10!! Yes that is correct it was only $10!!!! Now since Ryan and I were too lazy when we got home yesterday to take it out of my car its still there and alas no photos to show today. I promise to post photos soon though. The best part about the box is that inside some child has used red crayon and written "MEG" WOW it was definitely meant to be my box!!!!! We plan on using it for additional storage in our basement. We have a little house and lots of stuff... you can never have too much storage!!!!

Also during our trip to the sale I picked up 4 old wooden picture frames. I have a project in mind for them as well.. but since they will be Christmas projects you will just have to wait until then for me to transform them into something fabulous!!

Then on Sunday there was a craft sale up the street which we decided to check out before making the hot and sticky trip back home. We ended up picking up this lovely little piece of art!

It is an old screen that the lady had painted with outdoor paint. We loved the idea of this but at first were like where do we put this?? Then the lady informed us that they were designed to be left outdoors!!! Ingenious!!! Instantly Ryan wanted it and since it was only $45 (a steal since the lady had probably put many hours into painting this) we picked it up! In fact my mom picked one up as well that had cardinals painted on it.

The plan for this art piece is to hang it on the condo building wall in our backyard to hide the ugly concrete and bring some of the cottage life home. This is the best picture I can find that shows the concrete wall. There are vines growing on the wall BUT when we went to rescue the evergreen tree from the vines that were killing it some of the vines on part of the wall had to come down. So we were left with this ugly concrete wall. Which normally doesn't bug me too much but Ryan has always wanted to paint the concrete. (also this picture was taken in March or April so the sand pit you see is actually where the pool goes, the boys were taking down the old deck and as you can see I was enjoying my wine!)

The picture will either go on that wall OR we will put it on the hot tub structure. So when you are sitting under the gazebo there is a pretty picture hanging. We have to figure that out this week! Lots to do!! :-)

Projects that I am hoping to get to this week:

* Infamous kitchen light that I have been working on forever....

* Sewing new kitchen curtains

Now since its supposed to be ridiculously hot this week I think I'm going to leave my project list at that.... Because if its stupid hot when I get home from work I'm NOT going to want to do anything other than hopping into the pool!

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