Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Online Garage Sale

One of my favourite pastimes... and Ryan's for that matter (mind you he is looking up dirt bike and trailer stuff 99% of the time) is to peruse Craigslist for awesome finds!!! Sometimes when I'm wasting time I just like to find the stupidest things on there that I can. If you have never visited Craigslist.. or Kijiji basically it is a super large garage sale!!!! You have a little bit of everything and every type of seller. You have those who just want it gone and you can buy it at a SUPER low price. You have those who want to make money off their oops and charge you JUST under what you would pay for it in the stores. Then you have those scammers who try to sell it for more than what it is currently priced at in stores!! So when shopping on craigslist (or kijiji) you have to know your prices.

I have bought my fair share of craigslist items... as well as listed MANY items on there!! I normally will only buy items that are close to home or work so I don't have to drive across the city after work to pick them up. My theory is that if its cheap but I have to drive a long way it isn't cheap anymore because now I've used my gas and my time. I have bought Ryan presents off craigslist... our theory is why pay full price for something when you can get it for a discount and its slightly used!! Now that theory only holds for certain items.... like I would NEVER buy a used mattress... that's gross!!! (just my opinion) I have sold many items from our house on there, including a couch and a futon, dressers, desks, bookcases. I even gave away my wedding dress to a lucky lady for FREE.

While perusing today I came across this 'lovely' little find and had SUCH a laugh I had to share!!!! Its often I come across items that I'm just like WOW WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BUYING/MAKING THAT!!! Its hilarious! Anyway, here is my NOT SO fab find of the day!!

The ad reads:

IKEA wardrobe covered in unique wallpaper, needs doors, Very special piece, with drawer Measurements of wardrobe 71 inches tall, 23 inches deep, 31 inches wide. Measurements of Facade 77 inches tall, 41 inches wide

Basically someone took an ikea wardrobe and transformed it into a leopard print nightmare!!! I have to give them credit for creativity!!! I also have to say that at least these people know its 'special' as stated in their ad. But SERIOUSLY???

Or this ad... mind you this ad just baffles me... I'll explain in a second:

2 ZEBRA PRINT CASUAL CHAIRS (a pair) these are brand new and never used! they are stunning, unique, and sexy black/white pattern such a fun addition to any room Solid wood frame and chenile fabric Asking $1600 (for the pair) OBO Chairs were purchased for $2400/pair

There are many reasons that this ad baffles me... #1... WHO PAYS $2400 for zebra print chairs to never use them and then sell them.... #2 WHO WOULD BUY THESE??? And more importantly #3 why wouldn't you just buy a cheaper chair and reupholster it to your needs. For example the chair below is for sale for $40 on craigslist... you could buy it and then take it and get it reupholstered but WAAAAY less than $800 each!!

I have just never understood the pay two months mortgage for a chair that you will never sit in. I'm not against paying for something that you 100% will use everyday... like our fabulous couch which cost a pretty penny. I tend to shop and shop and shop until I find exactly what I'm looking for in the price range that I think is reasonable. AND I might add I have NEVER not found it!!!! It may take more time but why buy the first one I see when I can look around and get it for half price. SO if you are looking for something let me know and I guarantee I can find it for cheaper!!!

Anyway, that is my price savvy story for the day!!! Just about everything in our house comes with a story about where we found it and how it was such a good deal!! :-)


  1. you're getting that dresser for Christmas (you're WELCOME!) :D

  2. Oh, and the chairs from me. Jungle's back, didn't you know? I've got money to BURN BABY. MROOWWWWLLL.

    I love, love, how this blog has turned from a lovely home reno blog to a rant blog! Hehe!

  3. i really love those zebra chairs. the sad part is that i'm dead serious. unfortunately, i don't have $2400 to blow on them... but if i did... whoa baby!