Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rock-A-Bye Baby

I have been trying to get some things done around the house this week before I set off on my 2 weeks of vacation up at the cottage. Mind you I plan on bringing a bunch of projects with me and since Ryan will be home I can always get him to bring things up when he comes to visit... BUT there were still a few things I wanted to check off my LONG list this week.

Covering the cushions to my 'new' (well new to me) glider chair for the nursery was one of them. I purchased this lovely glider chair off Craigslist months ago for a $30!! Yes that is correct... I spent $30!!

Now it did come with cushions but for some reason I can't find my picture with the cushions still in tact. I bought this off someone down the street from us who lived in a basement apartment. The chair was in perfect condition except the cushions had that musty basement smell. Which is fine because I planned on throwing the cushions in the wash regardless just to get anything funky off that may have been left by previous owners. The material that was on the cushions was a bland brown... and when it came out of the washing machine it had SHRUNK so much the cushions were curled and misshapen! SO I cut off the old material and left it as it was. On our trip to Fabricland on Sunday I came across the PERFECT fabric... now normally I would have passed it over because of the price but since I only needed a little less than 2 metres I had to grab it. At $13/metre it wasn't too pricey.. just more than I normally spend. Here is the material I used (sorry the light was not cooperating last night). It is a lovely green, blue and yellow striped material.

I got to work last night sewing my new cushion covers. My cousin suggested to me that we may want cushioning on the arms of the glider so I purchased some $2 round pillow foams and crafted some arm cushions from them. I was hoping I could just Velcro the cushions on to the chair... as you can see from the picture below the Velcro didn't hold too well. The new plan is to get big buttons and sew the cushions around the arm and hold it in place on both sides with a big blue or green button. Which means I'm OFF to FABRICLAND again!! Actually I'm heading there tonight anyway to help my friend find fabric for curtains! Enough of my blabbing. This is how my wonderful chair looks now (ignore the one arm.. the Velcro came undone JUST as I was taking the picture)

That is exactly where the chair will go too. Ignore the furniture around the chair. The dark brown dresser will be gone as of next weekend and since it is taking up so much space its very tight in there right now!! This way when I'm feeding or coaxing the little blueberry back to sleep they can stare up at the awesome tree!!!

I don't know if you noticed but you can see one of the new additions to our tree as well, a small blue gecko on the trunk. Ryan had fun making him!

This whole project cost about $60:

* Chair - $30

* Material - $22 plus tax

* Velcro - $1.69 plus tax

* 2 Pillow cushions - $4 plus tax

Not too shabby if I say so myself since a lot of these chairs retail for over $200 and are sold used on craigslist for about $100. I'll just pat myself on the back for those savings!!!

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