Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LOVE IT TUESDAY: Entrance Storage Benches

As I said in yesterday's post, over the weekend we went to a craft show. I came across this AWESOME idea for an entrance way storage bench/coat rack that I LOVED!!! And IF I actually had an entrance way (rather than coming straight into the living room) I would TOTALLY do this. BUT until we move into a different house it will have to wait for the time be. Anyway because I was hot and irritated on Sunday I didn't take a picture of my fab idea... BUT thanks to the Internet.. I found MANY similar options!!!

Basically the whole idea is this. You find an old door... the Restore has some GREAT doors for cheap. You replace the glass in the door with mirrors. Then you add some hooks on the side for hanging things on. Then you build a storage bench and attach it to the front. And voila.. awesome unique entrance way storage! Plus you have somewhere to keep all of your shoes (if you're like me and have a million pairs!) Personally I think the more character the door has the better!!! Here are a few examples (none as nice as the white one I saw at the craft sale... I should have taken a picture!!)

I really like this door.. BUT I would have put a larger storage bench in front of it instead of the table.


(source: http://buildingblocksintupelo.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/love-these-doors/)

(source: http://www.coat-rack.net/page/3/)

Anyway, that is my super awesome idea of the day!
On a side note... Ryan and Dave hung the loon picture on the concrete condo wall in our backyard... now I have to admit it now draws your attention to the awful concrete wall.. BUT I have plans to add more around this picture to hide the wall.. PLUS hopefully the vines will grow around the picture.


  1. Just need to order a bigger picture! The artist would probably love to do it!!!! Or you could get 2 more pictures done by her! Then add the vines! Mom

  2. Haha. That picture looks so random there! I honestly never even noticed the retaining wall either until this photo. Strange eh? Yeah, the picture probably needs to be better, or perhaps a set? or perhaps the painting should hang on the shed where people could see it when sitting on the patio too. Haha, you guys kill me!