Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lesson Learned

I guess I learned my lesson today with buying things online! Remember this wallpaper that I was SOOO excited about for my kitchen??

I LOVED this wallpaper!!! SO with this wallpaper in mind I went out and bought this material for the curtains in the kitchen. Doesn't this material match perfectly with our yellow walls!!!! I was SOO excited because it all tied together!!!

Well since no Home Depot around me had anything remotely the same as my beloved wallpaper above I decided to order it online while Home Depot had a 'don't pay for the shipping' sale. And yesterday 5 minutes before I got home the Purolator man stopped by. Of course it had to be 5 minutes before I got home so that I had to wait an entire other day to get my beloved wallpaper. On my way home from work today I stopped by the Purolator pick up and couldn't contain my excitment! I got into the car and instantly ripped open the package to discover this.... (it is a little brighter than this picture shows.. but not much)
Its a long way off from this..

And when you put it next to my new curtain material...

Soooo its a little off of what I was thinking... BUT I have a feeling it is still going to work. Just to remind you the wallpaper is going above the cabinets so you will really only be seeing about 3 inches of it. As you can see from this older picture you only see a little bit above the cabinets.

Plus what you can notice is the colour of our countertops, a greyish blue colour. NOW that I think about it... I think the bright blue wallpaper would have clashed with the yellow walls in the rest of the kitchen AND the grey blue tiles. I think the actual colour of the wallpaper that came will compliment the grey blue tiles will not overpowering the kitchen in colour.

Now onto the material I bought for curtains... I think that since the window that I want to make curtains for is the one wall which won't have the wallpaper on it it will work out perfectly and tie the kitchen into the yellow dining area. Here is the window where the material will go.

This is the new colour scheme for the kitchen (with a LOT more white) It isn't what I was expecting BUT I like it!!!! As long as the rug I make (yes I'm making a rug... I've given up the search) has different shades of blue it will work perfectly!

Even though initially I was VERY disappointed with the colour of the wallpaper I think it is actually going to work out perfectly!!!! I'm going to attempt to hang the wallpaper this weekend if I have time! There isn't a lot of wallpaper to hang so hopefully it won't take too long!! (and those are always my famous last words)


  1. I think it'll work. It's still a nice paper. Not everything has to be Matchy-matchy, it just has to "go."

  2. Ya I think it will work... I actually think its going to work better than the other idea because it won't necessarily match so I can bring in different shades of blue and it will all tie in. I love the wallpaper!!! I wanted to hang it last night but its a big job (matching the pattern) so I'm going to tackle it either tomorrow or Sunday