Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love it Tuesday: Better Marriage Blanket

There are two things that I am shocked about today... #1 I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M BLOGGING ABOUT THIS and #2 SERIOUSLY THEY MADE THIS PRODUCT???

OK with that said lets get onto this weeks Love it Tuesday. My sister in law sent me a link to this product while I was at work and I just about peed my pants laughing... then I realized it was a real product!!

Here it is the Better Marriage Blanket

You may be wondering whats so special about this blanket?? WELL apparently it helps your marriage because it converts stinky gas into non smelling air.. yes that is correct! It will take those ungodly odours and transform them through the material (acts as an air filter) in the blanket and then there will be no more smell. MMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMM... REALLY????

Now this made me laugh incredibly hard because I grew up with 2 brothers.... I'm no stranger to funky smells!!! And then I married Ryan.... once again no stranger to funky smells!! BUT at the same time I put this blanket up there with the Snuggie... yes it is a great idea in theory BUT no one actually buys them!!!! (sorry if you have bought a snuggie I apologize... just stating my opinion). Mind you Ryan and I own Snuggies... but that is because my brother and sister in law made them for us as a funny Christmas present. (if you don't know what a Snuggie is you can go here to see them) The name of this blanket just makes me laugh... I feel like some law suit is going to come from this.... I can just see someone suing the company because the blanket didn't make their marriage better!! HAAHAA OH goodness!!!

Anyway I just think this is the most ridiculous product EVER!!! What I'm wondering is would people actually buy it??? Mind you I said that with the snuggie and they were sold out... THEN they made DOG SNUGGIES!!! OMG what is the world coming to!!!

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  1. Haha, it's only a better marriage blanket if they guy in the blanket ad comes with it!