Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lets Go On Safari!!!

This weekend we did a lot around the house... except it was all things that no one will even notice we did. In fact we spent about 6 hours Saturday morning going through drawers and dressers and organizing EVERYTHING. Alas, since it was such a disaster I did not take any before and after pictures. The initial purpose was to clean out the credenza that we have in the living room and make room for baby toys to be eventually stored in there. I successfully cleaned out 2 drawers and the cupboard in the credenza and they now hold the few toys we currently have. It felt great!! While I was busy with that Ryan dealt with fixing all of our wires behind the tv so that they made sense, as well as plugging them all into a power bar that as easily accessible. We wanted to be able to shut the power down to everything in order to cut down on the electricity we use when we aren't around or sleeping.

That was the majority of our day!

Then today it was time to organize the desk in the nursery. I cleaned it all out and made room for baby clothes etc. Then it was time to finally hang the quilt on the wall. This quilt was the inspiration for the nursery. We bought this a year ago at a quilt auction and had planned to give it as a gift but loved it so much we thought we would keep it. The idea for the tree came from this quilt and thus our SAFARI/JUNGLE nursery for the little blueberry.

We used 3 picture hanging hooks and I attached some fabric to the back of the quilt to make spots to hang it. We opted to hang it as high as possible so no grabby hands would pull it down!!!!

Doesn't it look super cute!!! Next I want to make animal wall decals out of different materials and iron them above the change table so the baby can look at them. But first we are going to wait till we find out the sex of the baby which will hopefully be next week!!! Speaking of the change table look at the fabulous new dresser pulls I picked up on Ebay for $3 each!!! Aren't they adorable!!!!!!!!

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