Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crib Skirt and Curtains

Last week Ryan and I made a trip to Fabricland to check out fabrics to make a crib skirt for the nursery. We want to hide what is being stored underneath the crib since there is so much storage room under there. The original plan was to get a white patterned or embossed fabric to not add too much more colour into the room since there is a lot of colours going on... BUT then we came across this lovely fabric at a whopping $5 a metre!!!!! It was just too perfect to turn down! The green matches perfectly and it brings pink into the room (Since we're having a little girl) without overpowering the room in colour!!! Our daughter will 100% know her colours after living in her room for a little while!!! :-)

So I took about an hour to throw together a crib skirt! I cut the pieces the size I needed (allowing for an inch seam on each side). I pulled out my trusty hem tape (to see how to use hem tape for a no-sew option view my blog post on curtains here ) and ironed the seams. Then it was time to figure out how to attach the skirt to the mattress spring. At first I wanted to use Velcro... but alas I had run out of Velcro and was REALLY excited to get this project done. So out came the ribbon!! I have soooo much ribbon its ridiculous so this was a great time to put some of it to good use!! Using a needle and thread, I tacked a piece of ribbon every 8 inches or so on the top of the skirt. I could have used the sewing machine to attach them but I was watching a movie so I didn't mind doing it by hand. I then tied the ribbon to the mattress spring and TAH DA! Instant crib skirt!

Ryan and I both love the final result as it fits in with the room perfectly!! Plus it only cost us $7.50 for the material since we had everything else on hand. AND we still have about half a metre of material left for other projects!! I looked into buying a crib skirt and you can't just get the skirt... it comes with the bumper pads which you aren't supposed to put in a crib anymore... so why do they continue selling them??? Doesn't make sense to me! Anyway, those together are expensive!! I figure I just saved us a good $60-$80!!!

Now onto the curtains for the baby room! I had been planning on making curtains BUT while perusing the Sears website I came across the PERFECT Roman shades for only $19.99!! I knew I had wanted Roman Shades but had never made them before and after finding them for $19.99 I figured it was one thing that I could just buy instead of making. Sometimes it costs less in time to just buy things. Anyway, I decided on these lovely Roman Shades. We still have the PVC plain white blinds behind the shades for extra darkening. Plus these shades aren't darkening shades as we didn't want our little blueberry to only be able to sleep in the dark... she needs to learn to sleep all the time and to distinguish between day and night. So we opted for these.

Ok I MAY have been too excited after I hung them to notice that they need a little ironing!! haahaa!! Here is a close up of the fabric. It works sooo well with the room! We went with white to just tame down the colours we have going everywhere. I love them!!!

That's it for projects for now!! I'm halfway there in my pregnancy.. only 20 weeks to go!!! Lots of time to finish the last 3 projects in the nursery, the rad box, a shelf and our wall decal animals!!!! Mind you the basement bathroom has to be finished in 20 weeks too!! AHHHH!!!!

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