Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall is Here!

Sadly today is the last day of summer. (insert sad crying face here). I really truly don't mind fall... but I can't call it my favourite season because it leads to winter... my most HATED and LOATHED season! Heehee yes there was a little bit of anger there!!! I LOVE the summer when its sunny and hot outside and you can spend the day outside without getting frost bite and having to amputate your fingers and toes! (not that I've had to do that... but that's what winter brings!).

The other thing I hate about the fall is it is the end of pool season! Sadly this weekend (being a crazy weekend) the pool came down! Now our yard will look bare until the first snow... not that I'm wishing for that in ANY WAY!! I will enjoy our sand pit of a yard from now until then.

It will be sad for all of our Hostas around the pool to shrivel back into the ground. Aren't they so pretty!!! The big tall plant in the front of the pictures is a Hollyhock.. it just decided to pop up this year. We have never had it in the past!!! But that's our yard!! We get random flowers growing each year... no complaints here! You have to love how in the next picture sunbeam is shining directly on the boys as they close the pool!!

It took just about all day Sunday to get the pool closed. The problem is that the drain plug only drains so much and then you have to get out there and manually drain the rest of the water. THEN you have to wait until the pool is mostly dry before folding it up and storing it for the winter. BUT its done now which means we have more time to focus on the basement bathroom!

Yes I said it... basement bathroom... I know its been SO long since I mentioned ANY progress on it!! WELL this weekend we finished digging and evening the ground out and lay down the gravel. WAIT let me REPHRASE THAT... since we were crazy busy technically DAVE finished digging and evening out the ground! THANKS DAVE! I will put a post on that hopefully later on this week when I get a chance to take a picture. The goal is to have the basement bathroom completed by Christmas!!! Fingers crossed!!!!

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