Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Many Uses of Wallpaper

I know I've been lacking in my blog posts... I just haven't actually finished any of the projects I'm currently working on :-( And haven't had time to think up something to blog about!! Until today!!!!

After wallpapering the small space above my kitchen cabinets I was left with a LARGE amount of leftover wallpaper..... Now I knew I had no intentions of using it on any other walls in the house (mainly because of the bold pattern) but I didn't want to just store it and then never use it and eventually throw it out! I wanted to figure out what to do with it! SO I went on a hunt for projects and I found that you can honestly do anything with wallpaper! These are some of my favourite ideas!!!!

To make some lovely wall art you can get some old plates or platters at a garage sale and paste your wallpaper remnants on them.

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You could at some zing to shudders to make a room divider.

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Instead of wallpapering an entire wall you could create a unique piece of art by wallpapering a portion of a wall and then adding a frame to it. With the fun wallpapers they have out there now this would look fantastic in any room!!! Instead of a headboard to your bed you could do something similar to this to create a fun headboard!

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Pull out those 1970's TV tables that everyone's parents own (or used to own) and give them an update!! Just spray paint the edges (in my opinion everyone's TV tables always have gold edges and an ugly picture on the top... just my opinion because that's what my parents, grandparents and all my friends parents always had growing up) then wallpaper the top to add some fun colour! I would then use Mod Podge to seal the wallpaper to avoid stains.
This is one of my favourite ideas!!! If you have a little medicine cabinet with a translucent door, adding wallpaper to the back of the cabinet would bring colour into your bathroom (or which ever room). This would look amazing!!!!
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This is my favourite only because the stairs to our basement have nothing on the backs of them... we had pealed off the gross astro turf carpeting and had actually used a paintable wallpaper originally to cover the backs of the stairs. But we never got around to painting the paintable wallpaper and with all of the mud and dirt that has come out of the basement we have destroyed the job we had done. That's why I plan on using some of the leftover wallpaper to finish the backs of the basement steps when the basement bathroom is 100% finished!! I think it will look fabulous as an entry from the basement into the kitchen!!!
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