Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love It Tuesday: Selfish Little Me

Now I know this post has nothing to do with renovating, or the house.. BUT the title of the blog is LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH too soooo this is all about living, loving and laughing!

A friend asked me over the weekend what I would like for my birthday (which is still more than 3 weeks away) and I honestly couldn't answer. Everything that popped into my head was for the house or for the baby or even for Ryan.. it was all things that we needed but NOT things I actually wanted. And so I sat and thought about it some more... normally I would have responded with clothes... but alas being pregnant and getting clothes that you can't fit into for possibly the next year is kinda depressing. Then it hit me... I would LOVE anything that makes me feel good about myself and happy. I would like something that makes me smile and when I am 8 months pregnant and looking like a whale I can pull out and it will make me feel sexy or fun and none whale-like! So this year I plan on being selfish on my birthday and asking for things JUST FOR ME!!!! With that said, this weeks Love It Tuesday is all about things I have come across that I LOVE... for me.. and no one else!!! HAAHAA!!

One of my favourite past times is browsing through Etsy.com and checking out the fun things that people make/sell. Today I came across LM Creations which is a Toronto store that sells AWESOME purses and clutches etc. Some of my personal favourites from this site are:

Or anything from Bubble Tub Soaps which is another Etsy store based out of Barrie.

What better way to feel fabulous than to use Apple Martini scented cream! If I can't drink an apple martini I may as well smell like one!!!

I'm telling you all of their products sound like they smell FABULOUS!!!!

OR these super sexy boots from Aldo Shoes I LOVE these boots!!!! As they say "New Shoes Cure the Blues!!!" SOOO TRUE!!!!

Photo Source: www.aldoshoes.com

I discovered this Etsy store awhile ago when shopping for a birthday present for my Grandma. This is Daisy Patch Watches and they make the CUTEST watches with interchangeable stylish watch bands. I ordered a few for my Grandma and they are honestly awesome!!!! I love them!!!

Photo Source: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DaisyPatchWatches?ref=seller_info

I also came across these dresses from Kolon Clothes which I believe is out of Thailand... I just LOVE these dresses though! Not sure if I could actually get away with wearing them while pregnant though... but none the less they are cute!!!

Photo Source: http://www.etsy.com/listing/54489393/new-sexy-multicolor-maxi-dress-sml

Alright that's enough of my selfish Love It list! haahaa!!!! I promise I'll be back on topic with more home projects soon!!! Actually I just ordered something for the nursery today that I am VERY excited about... its small but I think its going to look amazing!!!! Plus I'm Ikea shopping tonight for more storage solutions so I'm sure I'll tell you all about it soon.

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  1. Megs, if you can get your feet into those boots when you are 8 months pregnant, I will personally buy them for you!!