Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kitchen Cupboard Reno Part 1

I AM ON VACATION!! Its been fabulous so far!! Ryan and I had a great relaxing long weekend up at the cottage with the family and my cousins and their 1 year old son were here too. It was a great long weekend! Ryan had to head back home to work this week so its just me and my parents relaxing up here. Yesterday we went into town and bought the trim for the kitchen cabinets.. AND A CRIB for the blueberry!!!!!! Stay tuned for that post probably next week when we get it set up.
Just before we start remember this is what my cabinet doors/kitchen looked like originally. As you can see the cabinet doors are just slab doors. There was nothing wrong with them, I just decided the kitchen needed an upgrade so we're adding trim and going white!!

Yesterday afternoon my dad and I got to work sanding the cabinet doors. We set up my workstation for the next week and a half. Isn't it awesome!!! It keeps out the rain but definitely does NOT help with the humidity. We set up the tent to keep the bugs and rain off of the cabinets which has worked!!

Yesterday we set everything up and I started to sand the cabinet doors down while my dad took the side strips off the cabinet doors. We decided to take them off because of 2 reasons: #1 - they were half peeled off anyway and looked awful and #2 They weren't on ALL of the cabinets... someone had only put it on the spots they thought it was needed so it looked funny. After peeling them off we had to scrap off the glue and sand down the edges to make them smooth. I got to get out the power sander!! :-)

I would like to note that it was about 40 degrees with the humidity yesterday and my dad and I were dripping in sweat!!! SO today I was smarter... I did it all in my bathing suit and periodically jumped in the lake to cool off!! This morning (while my dad was golfing) I got to work finishing up the sanding. My mom worked on marking where the trim would be added. We decided on adding the trim 3 inches in on all sides to make sure everything is even and when hung looks symmetrical. Since every cabinet door is a different size (don't ask.. I think a 5 year old cut our cabinets) this is the best way to make sure it looks good and not wonky. It took my mom and I about 2 hours to finish up the sanding and mark all of the cabinet doors.

When Dad came back it was time to get to work cutting the trim. We measured the pieces and Dad and I cut them out. We were at it for about an hour before a big thunderstorm rolled in and forced us inside. Which was just fine with me because I'm JUST about finished a book I'm reading and am DYING to find out the ending! (once again I was working in a bathing suit and a towel... probably not the safest outfit BUT when its this hot there are NO alternatives!!)

After 2 rain storms interrupted us we finally had all of the pieces cut and placed in place. That's 21 doors we had to cut trim for!! BUT it looks GREAT so far!!!!

Don't they look fantastic already???? Tomorrow we plan on sanding down the trim edges and if we have time gluing and nailing the pieces in place. I have to head back tomorrow so hopefully we can fit it in. Then next week we will be painting them white!!! I wanted to paint the hardware BUT since its soooo humid there is NO point in painting because it will never dry!!! Alas the weather is a set back. More on my kitchen cupboard reno probably next week!!!

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  1. Ah! This looks fantastic! That's exactly what I pictured, with the trim! They'll look great :)