Monday, August 9, 2010

Kitchen Cupboard Reno Part 2

Today was day 1 million and 83 of the kitchen reno project! haahaa! No not really... just feels that way. I am not a patient person so its taking too long already! haahaa!! Anyway, today I primed the front and back of the doors and primed the handles as well.

We started by priming the back of the doors first. Since it is so humid up here (94% humidity today) I knew it would take forever to dry. So we primed the back first thing this morning and then headed into town to run some errands. Then later on this afternoon (after the big rain storm that delayed my painting yet again) we (my dad and I) primed the front of the doors. The primer went on the back of the doors fabulously.
After the rain we got out and started priming the front of the doors. We found that the primer didn't cover as well as it did on the back of the doors because the front had a high gloss finish on it. SO yet another set back, we're going to have to do 2 coats of primer on the front of the doors. BUT don't they look GREAT so far!!!
Then it was time to prime my handles. My mom came up with a brilliant idea to put them on the ends of shish kabob skewers and shove them into some foam. My dad pulled out a piece of foam that he had lying around and it worked perfectly! I could spray the top and the bottom all at once.
Being a little bit pregnant I was a good girl and wore my mask. (PS there is no belly yet... I was wearing Ryan's shirt to paint because my paint clothes hadn't been washed yet). My mom was supervising! :-)

All in all the doors look GREAT and I expect to be finished by Thursday afternoon with everything!! WOOHOO!!!!

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