Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kitchen Cupboard Reno Part 3

Today was a VERY frustrating day! (not to mention I just wrote out this post and then in my tired state I deleted it!! BOOOO) I woke up this morning to find 2 things had happened during the night with my cabinet doors, neither of them good.

1) It was so humid last night that the doors did NOT dry... AT ALL!! When I touched them this morning they were just as wet as when I had painted them more than 12 hours before. Set back... ARGH!

But worse than that!!!

2) A STUPID RACCOON got into the tent (which we had sealed off) and decided it would walk all over half of the doors leaving its muddy paw prints all over!!! AHHHHHHHHH This is what the doors looked like this morning... can't you see the thrilled look on my moms face!

So we opened up the tent and hoped the humidity would lift and the doors would dry at some point during the day. This set me back a half a day because I knew I would only get to prime one side of the doors today. In the meantime I relaxed and read my book and went for a nice walk with my mom. By the afternoon the paint had finally dried so it was time to get to work.

Since the footprints had been left in the paint this meant sanding down the foot prints as to make them disappear. My mom took on this task as well as filling any nail holes and other anomalies with Polyfil to hide it.

While she was doing that I decided it was time to pull out the spray paint and get to work on the handles. I had chosen this hammered look spray paint for the cabinet handles and had no idea what to expect!
I have to say it turned out PERFECTLY! I LOVE the new handles!! I did 2 coats of this letting it dry in between coats for about 2 hours. Don't they look fantastic!!! I can't wait to put them on the doors!!!!

After my mom had sanded down a few doors I was ready to start painting. Now this proved to be just as frustrating (to add to the day). There was a slight breeze blowing and it caused the needles on the trees to fly into my freshly primed doors. So every 5 seconds I had to stop to pick it out of the paint. After this went on for about an hour I finally gave up. Well no it wasn't JUST that that made me change everything. A chipmunk decided to run into the tent and although it didn't walk on the freshly painted doors it DID decide to kick up the dirt ALL OVER my freshly painted door. To which I had to completely repaint those doors! ANNOYING!!!
At this point my mom and I were frustrated beyond belief! SO we pulled out the fold out tables (no idea why we didn't think of this before) and put the doors that were giving us problems up on the tables out of reach of raccoons and chipmunks. This made things 10 times faster as I didn't constantly have to stop and pick out chunks of stuff from the paint.
Anyway... it took FOREVER to do the second coat of primer today and when it was finally done it was swim time. The doors look great so far (even though they are super frustrating).
Tomorrow I will start the day off by painting the first coat of paint on the back of the doors and then letting them dry. Then later in the day I will hopefully be able to paint the first coat on the front of the doors... of course that depends on the humidity!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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  1. HAHAHA oh nooooo I'm so sorry that things were so frustrating today! they look great though! :) My mom spray painted her kitchen cabinet door handles and they looked amazing! they're only now starting to chip off and we did them in 2000!

  2. awww Megs... you shoulda left all the "wildlife" prints... you could of had a nice forest-feel in your kitchen. and you know that Zebra chair from a few posts back? it would have looked incredible with the raccoon hand prints and the chipmunk dirt.