Sunday, August 15, 2010


It has taken a long time and a lot of elbow grease BUT it is finally done!!! Just to recap shortly what we did to the kitchen.

Step 1 was to clean the kitchen top to bottom. Then we installed new flooring. Both of those can be seen here.

Step 2 - We installed wallpaper over the cabinets to add some colour. You can read that here.

Step 3 to 1001 - We added trim, painted and hung the new lovely doors. As well we spray painted the handles a lovely hammered silver. You can read all about that here, here, here and here. (yes it was a long process!!)

To get on with it, here is a reminder of what the kitchen looked like about 2.5 years ago. (Isn't my mommy cute... she was still smiling before she started cleaning that kitchen)

Here is another before picture of the kitchen JUST before the cabinets were done.

AND (drum roll please....) THE FABULOUS AFTER!!!!

Isn't it a FANTASTIC transformation????? We are soooo happy with the outcome!!! A few friends have been over to see it and LOVE it!! It looks like we paid a couple of thousands of dollars for it. AND now comes the total cost....
*Paint = $120 - Should have only been about $85 BUT I did the stupid mistake of buying the wrong colour paint... ARGH oh well it worked out in the end!
* Trim and nails - $100
* Wallpaper - $50
* Carpet and Accessories - $30
That comes to a whooping $300!!!! If you remember back when I was planning out my kitchen reno I had hoped to come in under $400 and I successfully did it!!!!

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