Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love It Tuesday - Capiz Chandelier

Ok, I was searching for something to write about for today's Love It Tuesday AND I came across this which is PERFECT. Its more perfect because I started making a vellum paper Capiz look chandelier about 2 months ago and got stuck because I couldn't find what I was looking for to hold the strands of the vellum paper and it has been sitting in my desk for the last 2 months. Every once and awhile I look around for something but have been at a loss for what to use. THEN I came across this wonderful tutorial and LOVE IT!!

(photo source: designspongeonline.com)
You can view the whole tutorial that they used here.
I started this project differently because I wanted coloured 'shells'. SO I bought vellum paper and some special paint markers and coloured in (not completely... I left it kinda scribbled so it looks marbly (thats a word because I say it is! heehee)) I used blue and yellow markers as this light fixture is to go in the kitchen above the table. Then I used a ridged circle paper hole punch to punch out a bunch of 1 inch circles. I then attached them together using jewelry rings (the really small ones) SO my light is almost ready EXCEPT I couldn't find anything to hang the strands from!! BUT a hanging basket would work wonderfully!!!!! I'm going to have to run to the dollar store today and see if I can find one!!! This is what I wanted mine to look like (just not as long and in blue and yellow). This light shade is sold at PB Teen for $129USD. My light shade to date has cost about $25.

(photo source: http://www.pbteen.com/products/capiz-chandelier/)
The only thing that I had to double check was that the vellum wouldn't burn. I turned a light on and had a piece of vellum sitting right on the light bulb for over an hour and it was fine. It didn't do anything at all actually! Plus the way I plan on making it the strands will be far away from the light bulb itself. I'm VERY excited about this now!!! I've been a little bit upset at myself for not finishing this project!!!

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  1. thta is sooo cute i want one for my room