Saturday, August 14, 2010

When The Bell Breaks This Cradle Won't Fall

Ryan and I would like to thank my parents SO much for our fabulous new crib!!! I have been waiting to set it up all week long!!! Now that I'm home from vacation it was one of the first things to be set up!! Ryan decided he would set it up, I came into the room to find him inside the crib screwing it together NOT thinking that he would get stuck in there! HAHAHAHA

Luckily he could squeeze out underneath the crib. Doesn't it look FANTASTIC!!!! I'm SOOO happy with it!!! We still have to get a mattress but that will come eventually, no real hurry here!!

Here is the view of the room from the door. I LOVE IT!!! I think it looks fantastic!!!
The shelves for the tree are made and just need to be painted. Hopefully we will be able to install them tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. nice crib! :) that baby will be safe, comfy and stylin. :) <3

    p.s. I think it's when the bough breaks...but bell works just fine too ;) hahaha