Monday, August 23, 2010

Toilet Adventures

Where to even start... this is one of those incidents that would ONLY happen to Ryan and I. This once again proves that nothing with our house comes easy!!!! Anyway, here goes.. on with the adventures in toilet shopping!!

Last weekend Home Depot had a wonderful toilet sale. They had 4 toilets on sale and since the City of Toronto gives a $75 rebate when you buy a dual flush toilet one of the 4 toilets was literally only a $0.01! That's right a penny!!!! It was a Pegasus dual flush toilet and it was the perfect size for our bathroom, MUCH smaller than the old behemoth toilet! Ryan and I were VERY excited about this because we have needed a new toilet for our upstairs (and currently only) bathroom. Our old toilet was an ENORMOUS toilet plus we had recently discovered it had a crack in it and knew it was time to get a new one SOON. SO off we went last Sunday to Home Depot and waited in line before the store even opened to get our penny toilet. We were lucky (maybe lucky isn't the word after you hear the whole story) to get the VERY last penny toilet! We went to pay our $0.01 at the register, put the box in the car and were all happy!! When we got home we noticed the box was a little squished but thought nothing of the matter. We joked about how we'd open the box to find it broken but it was just the corner of the box that was squished so literally Ryan brought the box in the house and left it unopened for a week.

Friday I'm on my way home from work and Ryan calls me to tell me he was installing the new toilet! I was super excited about this!! SO he took the old toilet off and put it out front (in our neighbourhood, you can put ANYTHING on the front lawn and it will disappear in seconds) BUT in the process the old toilet cracked and bit the dust. Oh well no big deal really! (at least that's what Ryan thought). Then Ryan discovered the old toilet had been held in place with shims and other stuff that is NOT supposed to be used to install a toilet. SO he spent some time fixing the plumbing and whatnot. As I'm about 5 minutes from home I look down at my phone to find that Ryan had called me NINE TIMES! SO I immediately called him back wondering what was wrong. WELL after getting the old toilet out and breaking it in the process, and fixing the plumbing he FINALLY opened the box to the new toilet to find that the tank of the toilet was in a million shattered pieces. Yes that's correct... brand new penny toilet was USELESS!!!!

Instantly I was like well we'll just go exchange it... BUT I couldn't find the receipt for the life of me!!!!! I searched everyone for it (I'm normally VERY good at keeping all receipts in my purse for a long time) but couldn't find it. We took the broken toilet back to Home Depot and explained our situation. The lady said there was no problem exchanging it for the same toilet, she even let us know there were 11 of those toilets in stock. Ryan and I skipped to the toilet aisle to find NOTHING where the Pegasus toilets were supposed to be. We asked about 4 people for help and none of them could find anything either.... So, slightly depressed we walked back to the customer service desk and explained they didn't have anymore. The man (the lady was busy so we had to reexplain everything to someone new) said that since we didn't have a receipt he could only give us $75.01 (plus taxes) back. Which was basically our $75 mail in rebate (which home depot got directly, and our penny). BUT our problem was we NEEDED a toilet and the dual flush toilet they had in stock, made by Glacier Bay, was $149.99 (plus taxes). That meant we would be paying about $83 (after taxes) out of our own pockets... NOT the same as the penny toilet!!! ARGH!!!

THEN my mathematical mind started to work because the weekend before the Glacier Bay toilet had been on sale for $40. SO if we paid $83 today for that toilet PLUS we could send in for the City of Toronto $75 mail in rebate we would actually only have paid $8 for a toilet that had been on sale the weekend before for $40!!!! YES THAT IS CORRECT, we actually somehow managed to save ourselves $32 if you look at it that way!!!! I explained my math to Ryan and he was instantly excited!!! PLUS the new toilet came with a wax ring and we had bought one for the old (smashed) toilet SO after returning that we ended up only paying $5 for a brand new dual flush toilet. Mind you it took us about 1.5 hours at home depot to get this all sorted out... BUT it was still totally worth it!!

Ryan successfully installed the toilet Friday evening and we both LOVE how little it is compared to the old one! NOW the only problem we have is that we never fully painted behind the toilet, we were a little bit lazy, because the old toilet covered it all. Now I have to paint the wall behind the toilet because it is completely noticeable... especially since it is wood panelling.. ewww!!! Oh well! That is one more project to add to the long list of projects!!

Other than installing the toilet we took it easy this weekend and didn't get into too many projects (other than deweeding our backyard!!!). We did buy the supplies to make another radiator box though... that should be FUN... haahaa lets hope it isn't as difficult as the last one!!!!

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