Friday, October 8, 2010

More Wall Decals!

Last weekend during my laziness I did manage to get at least one thing done... I had fun working on the wall decals in the nursery!! Now just to recap the progress in the nursery....

This is the wall to the right of the door when you first walk in.

This is the corner opposite the crib (the colour is off in this photo).

That side of the room is more or less complete... the other side of the room however was looking awfully bare!!! This is the other side of the room with the new wall decals. No I did not clean up for this photo... you can tell that I've been using the change table as my work station for projects!!! On the left we have my grandma's old secretary's desk that we will be using as a dresser plus when the baby gets older it will double as a drawing station as it flips down into a desk. On the right is the converted makeup table to change table. Ignore the wooden boxes on the left... I haven't figured out where to put my jewelry boxes just yet in the house... well actually to be more correct I haven't even thought about it!! haahaa!! The plan is to put a large shelf across that entire wall to store more books and toys for the blueberry!

Anyway, back to the wall decals. I put together those 4 decals on the weekend.. unfortunately I had some spacing issues and now have to think of one more animal to add to the mix between the elephant and the monkey. Anyone have any ideas on additional animals??

Here is a close up of my lion and giraffe.

My elephant.

And my favourite the monkey!!!

I just used left over material I had from other projects that matched with the colour scheme in the room. To see how I made the decals go here. This weekend I am hoping to get the big shelf primed and painted and installed!!! Oh its coming along so nicely... we're almost done with this room which means onto other rooms!!! :-)