Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Dave to the Rescue

Last weekend Ryan and Dave worked on the concrete forms in the basement. You can see that here. This weekend Ryan was away all weekend and I'm nursing a nasty cold. So I didn't actually plan to have any progress on the basement bathroom. However, Dave (our super human friend) is determined to help us get this bathroom completed. He stopped by Saturday around noon to finish up the concrete... ALL BY HIMSELF!!! He's honestly a super hero!! 3 hours later I ventured downstairs to make sure he didn't need anything to find this.

Isn't it a beauty???? I've never been so excited about cement before in my life!!! He did an amazing job at making sure the floor was level!!! I'm sooooo excited about it!!! THANKS DAVE!!!!!! We owe him HUGE!!!!!
Now you might be starring at this going what the heck is the plan here. So here it is in a 'I'm not a computer genius" way. The shower will be at the back of the bathroom, it will be a large shower (I know the picture is deceiving!). The toilet will be next to the shower and then the vanity. Then my favourite feature.... HEATED FLOORING!!! Yes that's right... we splurged a little bit and got some heated flooring!!!! Isn't that super exciting!!!

The entire bathroom will pretty much be tiled. We picked up tiles similar to the ones pictured below about a year ago at Home Depot for a wonderful 50 cents a square foot!!! Then last weekend while browsing The Restore we picked up some 3 by 6 inch white tiles that we plan on using as a border around the bathroom (not in the shower though).

The tile will go all the way up the walls in the shower but in the rest of the bathroom it will only go up about 4 feet. Then we will have the white tile at the top of the 4 cream tiles. Then the plan is to paint above it a pale green. The same green that is in our spare bedroom which is Behr's Monet Moonrise... a very subtle pale green. We still have an extra can of paint from painting in there so we figure we'll just use it up. It isn't bathroom paint but we figure we can use bathroom paint on the ceiling and the walls should be ok. We still have left over bathroom ceiling paint from the upstairs bathroom which is perfect!!! I love having things lying around so we don't have to spend more money!

As for a toilet, we still have a spare one that was given to us by a friend who upgraded the toilet in her old house to a taller toilet so her mom (who is in a wheelchair) could use it. So we got their practically new toilet for free. I have a big project planned for the vanity... BUT I know realistically it won't happen until long after the baby is born so in the meantime we have a pedestal sink that we will be using. Eventually I have a plan to transform Ryan's moms old desk into an awesome vanity!!! For now the pedestal sink will do.

That's the plan!!! Next weekend we will be framing the bathroom back in and Super Dave will be finishing up the electrical work in the bathroom. The pot lights are installed but we have to fix up the light switches and install a fan and possibly the heated flooring. Then the weekend after we have the plumbers coming to finish up the plumbing! VERY EXCITING!!!!

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