Friday, October 22, 2010

LOVE IT: Shadow Box

So I know normally its love it Tuesdays... but I am a little delayed this week... I was sick on Monday and in the office Tuesday for part of the day and left early because I felt like crap.. so that delayed me 2 days... SO HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! haahaa!!!

Anyway, I saw this awhile ago and absolutely love it!!! I have every intention of making one of these some day.. for now my poor little house may cave in if I squeeze anymore pictures on the walls!!! I may have to mix up some of the art work though to make room for this!!!

Photo source:

You can find a full tutorial on Chic Cheap Nursery, here.

Now this isn't limited to a nursery project! You could do this anywhere in the house with any shape you can find. They make the paper punches in MANY different shapes!!! I just love this butterfly one!!! But a dragonfly shadow box would be pretty amazing too!!! Maybe some hearts... actually it would be super cute to put a picture in the middle and have hearts popping out all around the edges!! Just a cute idea!

Anyway that's my two cents for the day... this weekend it is our anniversary so we may or may not get around to any projects... we'll see!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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