Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LOVE IT TUESDAY: Sunrooms!!!!!

I'm not sure where my recent obsession with sun rooms has come from... I just absolutely LOVE THEM and totally want one!!!!! I love browsing through the MLS listings in our area looking for future houses (not that we have any desire to move anytime soon). And lately there have been a lot of super cute houses on the market with AWESOME sun rooms and I WANT A SUN ROOM!!!! haahhahaha!!! I told Ryan that our next house will have a sun room!!! (that's if I can't convince him to build a sun room off our house now!!!).
I wouldn't want a sun room at the front of the house because realistically I know I'd never use it.... I'd want one in the back where on a cold winter's day I could curl up with a book and watch the snow fall. Oh did I mention that my 'ideal' sun room would have a fireplace in it to keep it warm in the winter!!! heeheee!!!! It would be like an additional living room that looked into the backyard where I could successfully kill all of my plants for lack of watering them. :-)
I love this sun room that bloggers Sherry and John from Young House Love have at their house. Its just so fun and airy!!!
Photo source: (www.younghouselove.com)

Or even this sun room!! Mind you I would add curtains to cheer it up a bit!

My dream would be to build a sun room off our backdoor where our current patio area is. But realistically that will never happen. In fact I also have a dream of building a garage there and building a loft bedroom above the garage.... OHHH if we did that we could transform our current bedroom into an awesome sun room!!! HAHAHAHA I have so many ideas... none of them will probably materialize with our current house though. I don't think we would see the money back in that type of investment... oh well.. here's to dreaming!!!!

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