Thursday, November 18, 2010

The End of the Wall Decals

I FINALLY got around to finishing up the wall decals in the nursery. If you remember here I had spacing issues when I put up my original wall decals. Well those spacing issues got worse when I realized I had to move the change table about 4 inches to the left in order to be able to access the drawers on the right side without the door hitting the radiator box. This left 2 small openings for animals. Now I hummed and hawed over which animals to do and I REALLY wanted to do a hippo (like Kim suggested) BUT I discovered I didn't have enough room between the monkey and the elephant or on the left of the monkey. So I put the project aside and thought some more. Then last weekend I came across my original templates for the decals in the tree (bird and gecko) and thought hmm that would work!!! So I pulled out my fabric remnants and went to work! I love the outcome!!!! Go here to see how I made these decals.

I love that the monkey is feeding the bird... Ryan's favourite after work thing to do is to take a walk down to the lake and feed the ducks. Hopefully the blueberry will love to feed the ducks and swans as well!!!

I'm hoping to get this nursery 100% finished by the end of next weekend!!! All that is left is the pain in the butt radiator box...Stay tuned for the big makeover reveal!

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