Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping Warm

Last week my company had a warehouse sale where we sold a bunch of the furniture from our model suites and all of the proceeds were donated to charity. Now the furniture we use to furnish our model suites is top of the line stuff and it was being sold (for the most part) at ridiculously low prices. I went and took a peak on Thursday not expecting to find anything... overall on Thursday when I left I was slightly disappointed... mind you we really don't need ANYTHING for our tiny house... we need to get rid of a bunch of things (anyone want some dressers???). ANYWAY, that night my sister in law called me asking if they had any electric fireplaces at the sale. And I thought about it and realized there had been 3 of the same type of fireplace and I had looked at it but couldn't see a price tag and had just assumed it was well out of my price range for something that I didn't REALLY need. They asked me to go back Friday and check it out for them. SO I went back on Friday and was SHOCKED at the price tag!!! 2 of the 3 fireplaces were already taken and there were plenty of people interested in the 3rd one. As I waited for a call back from my sister in law I made a spur of the moment decision and bought it anyway thinking if they didn't end up wanting it I would 100% be able to use it in our basement to heat things up down there (its not insulated and has no radiators... which = COLD). Yes eventually we would like to insulate the basement BUT that means MORE renos and there is only so much we can do before the baby comes. SO I bought the fireplace and about 2 minutes after my sister in law called to say they didn't want it as it doesn't really go with their stuff, which is true.. its VERY modern looking, but for our basement it will be perfect.

Enough with this blabbering story... This is our new fireplace that we scored for a whooping $200. Yes that is correct!!! I would like to note that it is about 4 feet tall and about 5 feet wide... so its a big fireplace!! (This is a picture of it at the warehouse... I haven't gotten a picture of it in the basement yet as there is sooooo much furniture all over the place in the basement because of the renovations... but take my word for it, it looks AMAZING in the basement)

It is in mint condition, the only thing it is missing is the remote BUT the on/off switch is right on the front so it isn't a big deal. I LOVE IT!!

Now just to make this story better... I did this all without consulting Ryan... oops! I was SOOO afraid all afternoon that he was going to be so mad and make me sell it (can't return it obviously). When I got home I showed him my purchase and sneakily asked him how much he thought the fireplace was at full price and how much he would have paid for the fireplace... both of his responses were WAY more than what #1 I paid for or #2 I would EVER pay for it. SO I happily informed him I only spent $200 on it and he was shocked and SO happy!! heehee!! I was sneaky, I knew if I had told him I had spent $200 right away he would have been upset that I bought something we totally don't need just because it was on sale... :-) We didn't get it set up until later on Saturday but he LOVES how it looks downstairs and so do I!!! I can't wait till the basement bathroom is done so I can work on cleaning up that basement so we can ACTUALLY use it!!!

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