Friday, November 12, 2010

Updating The Waterfront!

My parents have a cottage up north that during the summer they basically live there. Ryan and I spend as much time as possible up there because its so relaxing and fun!! My parents decided to update the waterfront at the cottage to prepare for their future grandchildren (well I think this was also something they wanted to do anyway but the design definitely was so they could watch their grandchildren play in the water from the shore and not have to sit on the dock).

This is what the waterfront looked like before the work was done. (The dock is out of the water but would have been off the bottom concrete step)

And this is the new gorgeous stone waterfront!!! The whole point is so they can put chairs on the second platform area to watch what is going on by the lake.

I believe this is a sand box for the kids.. BUT I could be wrong and it could be a garden for plants... I don't remember anymore.. either way its going to look GREAT!!!!!

My mom admiring the work!

Doesn't it look fabulous!!!! I can't wait till the summer when I will be living up there with the blueberry for most of the summer since I will be on maternity leave.


  1. Wow! What a change! I say the "sandbox" has potential for a future hot tub by the lake... ;)