Sunday, November 7, 2010

Water + Walls = WOOHOO

Yesterday was a VERY exciting day in the Guerin household!!!! The plumbers were here bright and early to start finishing up the plumbing in the basement bathroom. Now I was so excited about this I totally forgot that we would have NO water ALL day as they finished it up... it made my plans of baking many batches of cookies a little bit of an issue as I couldn't clean my dishes... but I still managed to get in 2 batches of cookies!!

The last time they came they put in the drains for everything but needed us to concrete the floors and frame the walls before they could proceed. This time it was installing the hot and cold piping for the shower, toilet and sink. By mid afternoon they were finished and we had water in our bathroom (which is a good thing! haahaa)... which is slightly a key aspect of a bathroom!! This is the plumbing for the sink as well as the electrical for the vanity lights.
To give you a better idea this is the plan. We have an amazing mirror that my grandparents gave us as a wedding gift that I have been saving JUST for this purpose! The vanity lights will go where the arrows are. And underneath we will have either a pedestal sink (which we were given for free) or eventually hopefully I will actually have time to convert a desk we have into an awesome vanity.
Right after the plumbers left Ryan and Dave were hard at work installing the concrete board in parts of the bathroom. We are using concrete board where the tiles will be and drywall for the rest of the walls. The plan is to have about 4 feet of tile running up the walls and the rest of the wall will be painted.
Look at that progress!!!
The boys finished the concrete board in the toilet/sink area of the bathroom. We now have to put concrete board in the entire shower area other than the ceiling. We couldn't do that because we have to fix the framing in the shower. Originally we wanted to do a small bench in the shower but it isn't going to work out so we have to adjust the framing in there and we ran out of wood so that project is on hold till next weekend. You might notice on the right side of the shower door a long piece that isn't covered. That is our radiator, we have left an opening in the walls where we will put a grate so the radiator will heat the bathroom. This was the easier (and cheaper) solution than getting someone in to move the radiator.
Now I LOVE to drywall... I'm pretty good at it too!! Go here for a wonderful picture of me drywalling! But with Ryan and Dave working on the concrete board on the walls there was very little space for me to help out. SO I worked on cleaning up the dust and dirt that had accumulated in the basement. Ryan snapped a wonderful picture of me lifting the lamp wire up with one foot while balancing on the other foot to sweep up the dirt. This is quite a talent when you have a big belly!! haahaa!!!

Anyway that's the great progress we made on the basement bathroom this weekend! We also managed to finish up a few other minor projects but these will come in posts later on this week!!!

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