Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Goodbye Ugly Gold Brass... Hello Lovely Silver!

I have hated the knobs on our credenza... they were a peeling brassy gold and they didn't go with ANYTHING in our living room. Ryan and I had been talking about buying some new knobs and then one day last week while starring at the TV I was like HEY why don't we just spray paint them like we did the kitchen knobs!!! I have no problem with the shape as they are simple and round I just hated the colour of them!! Now Ryan got so excited to spray paint that before I could take a picture of the knobs (pre-paint) he had them removed and already primed!! This is the best I could find of the credenza before (side view of it below on the left). See how the handles are blah and nothing special. Now this is just my preference but I love the look of Silver/White Gold... I'm not a yellow gold or a brass person ... that's just my personal preference!!

So using the same technique we used for the kitchen knobs (you can view that here) as well as the same spray paint (Tremclad Primer and Tremclad Hammered finish silver spray paints) Ryan primed and painted the knobs. In fact he did a fantastic job, he was funny... he kept asking me if he was doing it right!!!
They are now much more us and a lot less 1970's goldy brass.
Don't they look great on the credenza! they now pop out and pull the silver from the rest of the room together!! I should mention the handles to the french doors are silver, the front door knob is silver and everything else in the room is pretty much silver. Other than the handles to our new coffee table drawers... which MAY get a coat of paint too... haahaa!!

Now after we finished and LOVED the result we realized we forgot to paint the matching knobs on the matching desk in the office!! OOPS!!! So the desk in the office that has the same ugly outdated knobs will probably get a good spray painting this weekend!! The best thing about this project was that we had all of the supplies on hand so it was FREE!!! Gotta love those free projects!!!


  1. Ah! Lovely! PS I've been recruited to help your basement project!

  2. Now what has Dave or Ryan recruited you for? They basically kicked me out of the project... haahaa!!! Apparently I 'don't fit' in the small space!