Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Back and Not Alone!

I know its been a little bit since my last post... well I had a beautiful baby girl, Norah Jean Guerin. She FINALLY arrived February 23rd, 2011, 9 days late! We absolutely love her to pieces and she is soooooo good! She barely ever cries and is just so content and relaxed all the time (which is slightly a shock because she comes from me and Ryan!)

Here are a few photos of my super cutie!

She is already 3 weeks old and changing everyday!!! So with that said there hasn't been much time for projects around the house... my projects lately have been feeding, sleeping and changing diapers. BUT Ryan on the other hand has been SUPER busy! Not only is he working during the week but on the weekend (2 weekends ago) him and my dad worked on putting a door in for the basement bathroom. We realized that we could do a pocket door so that's what they worked on, its not complete yet but the frame is in! We just need to chop down our door now and install it. The bathroom is also fully drywalled now and just needs a paint job! Maybe when I'm not so exhausted from being up feeding Norah every 3 hours I will get around to it! For now we (Norah and I) nap in the afternoons because we are both exhausted! :-)
Life is good right now, we may be exhausted but we're having so much fun with Norah!! She surprises us everyday with something new that she does (yesterday she was giggling at daddy!). Hopefully we will have more projects to show soon!!!!

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