Saturday, February 12, 2011

Door Please????

Our Saturday started by installing the spout on the shower. I was the lovely assistant who basically stood around and got tools for the boys. At least I was a little bit helpful. Being 9 months pregnant it is difficult to help out too much, bending over to pick stuff up is hard enough!!!

SO now the shower is functional!!! We still need to caulk and seal the shower BUT we have running water!!!

Next on the list was to install the sink and the toilet. My job was to sit on the toilet to push the wax ring in place, I was VERY good at my job! :-)
So after about 2 hours we had not only a functioning shower BUT also a functional sink AND a functional toilet!! SO EXCITING!!!! Basically we just need to finish the mudding of the drywall, caulking and sealing of the shower, painting and then install the accessories! BUT FOR NOW IT IS COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL!!!!

AND just to show you what it will eventually look like, we held up the mirror and the vanity light. Don't they look fantastic!!! They match everything so perfectly!

NOW the only problem is we don't have a door installed yet!!! SO use this bathroom with caution!!! :-)