Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Tiling Wonderland

This morning Ryan worked from home and he was supposed to head out this afternoon to see clients but all of his clients rescheduled because of the snow. So this afternoon after he had all his work done for the day he worked on the tiles in the entrance to the basement bathroom.
This was Ryan out in the snow cutting tiles!
We opted to do a fun pattern in the entryway to give the bathroom a special touch!!! Dave and Ryan did a great job for beginner tilers!!! We still have to grout these tiles but at least they are glued in place.

This is where we stand currently with the bathroom. They still have a few tiles to finish up on the right along with the white trim on the right BUT its that much closer!!!

Next step is to get Dave's brother back out to finish the plumbing so we can install the toilet, sink and shower taps. We also have to finish the mudding of the drywall and of course install the door! But for now it looks GREAT!!!!

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