Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Fun

We have decided to spend the little time we have left before we turn from just a married couple into parents relaxing and having fun! Now if you know Ryan and I relaxing does still mean getting things done around the house but we've put most of our big projects on hold for now because by the time the weekend comes we are both exhausted. Today is officially my first day of maternity leave, and instead of tackling the basement I'm going shopping with my mom!!!! This weekend we spent Saturday morning relaxing and in the afternoon we headed to my brother and sister in laws apartment for some swimming! Alas we got there and the heater on the pool was broken so it was COLD... BUT that didn't stop us from taking a quick dip!!!

We even tested out the underwater feature on my camera which was fun!
I was FREEZING but it was still fun AND it got rid of my aches and pains that I had been having. I NOW understand why everyone says the last month of pregnancy is awful... you are perma uncomfortable. My advice, go swimming!!!!!! It makes everything better!!! (isn't my belly scary!!!!!!)
Me and my brother freezing our butts off! (ok so the pool wasn't THAT cold.... I think it said it was 62... which is COLD compared to the usual 80+ that this pool is!)

Other than swimming we went for a long walk to feed the ducks by the lake on Sunday and installed the car seat in the super clean car!!! We had our car detailed last week to get it ready for babies arrival.
We both agreed that if this was our last weekend before being parents it was definitely a fantastic weekend!!!

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