Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's Rant

I'm going to start off by saying I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I'm EXHAUSTED! (I sound like I'm going to AA or something!). I have a LONG list of things that I want to get done before the baby is born but have ZERO energy to actually get them done!!! When you're belly looks like this its VERY difficult to stand up let along actually finish projects!! (Ok so my belly doesn't always look like this... my girl friends decided they wanted to decorate it... this is what you get on a girls weekend up north! haahaaa)

Onto my list of 'To Be Completed":

#1 - Remember my lovely kitchen makeover

Well I have to say it is holding up very well EXCEPT the one door above the sink... that door is the most used door and somehow we have 3 small chips on the bottom edge that are driving me nuts!!!!! I have been meaning to pull out the sandpaper, primer and paint and fix it but honestly the thought of going all the way downstairs to get those things and set everything up exhausts me!

#2 - Painting the basement.

This is how the basement looked about 2 weeks ago when I primed the wall. Well it still looks like that... nothing has changed other than Ryan moving the couch back into place. It needs another coat of primer and a coat of paint.

#3 - Basement Bathroom

Other than being grouted last weekend it more or less still looks like this... it needs marble in the shower and mudded drywall and paint and fixtures and of course a door!!!

#4 - Bathroom Cabinets
Remember awhile back when we organized our bathroom cabinet here.

Well it doesn't look like that right now!!! The towels seem to be a disaster right now and I keep losing wash clothes down the hole that is in the cabinet (on the left side of the cabinet there is a vent that goes up to the roof and there is a gap between the pipe and the actual base of the cabinet where things can fall behind the wall and be lost forever). I thought I had covered it but apparently not, I lost 3 wash clothes down the hole and a bottom of lotion in the past few months! Plus all of my labelled baskets are a disaster and nothing is in the right place (for that I blame Ryan... he can't seem to read the labels and just throws stuff everywhere). SO I have to spend some time reorganizing because its driving me crazy!!!

I have a million more things I want to have finished but they are minor and I am ok if they don't get completed!

This past weekend the only thing I managed to check off my To Do List was to actually clean the house! I hadn't vacuumed or dusted in about 3 weeks and I'm convinced those dust bunnies were about to gang up and attack!!! While Ryan shovelled out the driveway Saturday morning I spent the time cleaning and felt a little bit better about things. I also managed to knit Ryan a super awesome hat to match the scarf that I knit him for Christmas.

With Ryan's 35th birthday (shhh I didn't tell you that) this weekend I know we won't get much done this weekend either... lets just hope the baby stays in the oven a little bit longer so we can get these completed!!!!

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